Peppermint Patty attends Ace Obedience School in the strip from September 30, 1976.

The Ace Obedience School, is a fictional dog training school in the Peanuts comic strip. Snoopy has been said to have attended that school on several occasions. However, on February 5, 1965, it is revealed that Snoopy dropped out of obedience school.

In a storyline starting September 16, 1976, which was adapted as a segment in the TV special A Charlie Brown Celebration, Peppermint Patty has to go to private school due to the fact that she is failing public school, but does not want her father to pay a lot of money for it, Snoopy hands her a brochure for Ace Obedience School. Peppermint Patty, not realizing it is a dog school, accepts and attends the school. The girl finds it strange that she is the only human in the class, but does not worry about it too much. After the first day of school, she tells Marcie all they learned in school was how to sit down. Peppermint Patty does very well at the Ace Obedience School, and graduates in the strip from October 4, 1976. However, when she realizes she graduated from dog school, she has to go back to the school she attended before.

The school is also mentioned in the TV special You're the Greatest, Charlie Brown as being the one which the Masked Marvel attends.