Andy is a minor animal character in the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. He is one of Snoopy's siblings. Notably, he is one of two Peanuts characters who was created for television and later appeared in the strip, the other being Snoopy's mother.


Andy first appeared in the Peanuts animated television special Snoopy's Reunion which first aired on CBS on May 1, 1991. In Snoopy's Reunion, Snoopy meets up with all of his siblings, including Belle, Spike, Olaf and Marbles, who had previously appeared in the comic strip, and Molly, Rover and Andy who had not. Andy plays the drums in the program.


Andy's first appearance in the strip on February 14, 1994

On February 14, 1994 Andy made his first appearance in the comic strip, visiting Snoopy in the hospital. In that appearance he is accompanied by Spike and Olaf. Andy would be accompanied by his brother, Olaf in all subsequent appearances. The two dog characters appear together in a few strips that were first published in 1994 and later adapted as a scene in the 2003 animated television special I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown. They are seen hoping to become the pets of Rerun van Pelt and going off to visit Spike but getting hopelessly lost along the way.

Andy and Olaf live together on a farm. Andy looks similar to Snoopy but has longer, shaggier hair. His appearance is modeled on that of a wire-haired fox terrier named Andy that was owned by Charles M. Schulz.