Snoopy is stymied by her beauty

The Beach Beagle is an unseen animal character in the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. She is Snoopy's old girlfriend and is referreed to in a storyline that began on August 8, 1965.


Snoopy goes to the beach where he sees an old girlfriend, whom he calls the Beach-Beagle. Snoopy says that he used to go skating with her and that her father did not approve of their relationship, suggesting that she might be the same former fiancée that he met in a storyline which originally ran between January 25, 1965 and February 12, 1965. However he only calls her his "old skating girlfriend" and does not mention having been engaged to her.

At first, Snoopy does not want her to see him but then plans on impressing her. He decides to show off his surfing skills and do a number of tricks. Unfortunately, he wipes out and has to be rescued by Charlie Brown and Linus. After much scolding from Charlie Brown about his idiotic venture, he is then informed by his owner that the Beach-Beagle was at the beach with her golden retriever boyfriend, which causes Snoopy to become overwhelmed with sadness.