Blackbeagle and his Scurvy Band

Blackbeagle, the World Famous Pirate, is one of Snoopy's alter-egos which appears several times in Peanuts comic strips which were first published in 1996 and 1997.

In the strip from February 27, 1996, Snoopy is shown as a pirate, wearing a pirate's bandana and eyepatch, with Woodstock, rather than a parrot, sitting on his shoulder. 

He is taken to school for "Show and Tell" by Sally Brown in the strip from March 6, 1996, in which another student dismissively states, "That's not a pirate and a parrot!  That's a stupid dog and a useless bird!"

This alter ego returns during a 1997 storyline in which Rerun van Pelt sits on a beach, watching for pirate ships. In the strip from July 31, 1997, Rerun is startled when Snoopy and a number of his bird friends, all dressed as pirates, come ashore.  For the first time, Snoopy refers to himself as "Blackbeagle, the World Famous Pirate" and the birds as "his Scurvy Band."  In the strip from the following day, as Rerun wonders if the pirates are searching for treasure, it is revealed that they had landed to buy ice cream.

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