Blackjack Snoopy

Blackjack Snoopy, the World Famous River Boat Gambler

Blackjack Snoopy, the World Famous River Boat Gambler, is one of Snoopy's alter-egos introduced to the Peanuts comic strip on May 30, 1979.

Wearing a top hat, sunglasses and two mustaches, Snoopy acknowledges that he is not famous for any actual card-playing ability, but because he has two mustaches.

When sitting at the blackjack tables, Snoopy wears a gambling visor, sunglasses, and only one mustache.  His lack of skill is shown when he is unable to shuffle cards, and when he expresses disappointment that the other card players do not want to play Old Maid.

A variation on this alter-ego, Joe Blackjack, The World Famous Riverboat Gambler, is introduced in 1995. Again wearing a gambling visor and sunglasses, but no mustache, Joe Blackjack spends most of his time playing against Rerun van Pelt.