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The first reference to the Bunny Wunny books on Sunday, July 26, 1970.

The Bunny Wunny series is a fictional book series in the Peanuts comic strip. The books are written by Miss Helen Sweetstory. The Bunny Wunny books are particularly enjoyed by Snoopy.

The book series was first introduced in the strip from July 26, 1970, in which Charlie Brown reads one of the books to Snoopy as a bedtime story.

In the strip from April 9, 1971 Snoopy can be seen reading a part of one the books, which reads, "And so the six Bunny-Wunnies said good night, and went to sleep. Their adventure was over, and all had ended well".

The books are enjoyed by other Peanuts characters, too. In the strip from October 23, 1972, one of the books, The Six Bunny Wunnies Freak Out, is banned from the school library, causing Linus, Sally and Charlie Brown to become upset. Linus leads a campaign to lift the ban. In the strip from November 1, 1972, after hiring Snoopy as an attorney to help win his case, he states that the decision to ban the book was not made by the librarian or the principal but by the school board, one of the members of which is Charlie Brown's doctor. At Linus' insistence, Charlie Brown speaks to his doctor about the ban, although whether or not the ban is lifted is unclear. The doctor faints upon hearing Charlie Brown mention the name of the book, presumably in shocked humiliation at having his "past sin" of prejudiced misjudgment and carelessness coming back to haunt him. After recovering consciousness (thanks to Charlie Brown quickly alerting a nurse), the doctor subsequently admits that he had not actually read the book, so Schulz's "cartoonist's protest of the current status-quo" implication is that the doctor had just "freaked out" himself after merely glancing at the book's seemingly-adult-themed title, and thus he had knee-jerkingly forbidden the book from the school library in a haze of closed-minded horror, without actually bothering to determine whether the book would actually have been unsuitable for young children.

The Sunday strip with the first reference to the Bunny Wunny book series was later featured in an episode of The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show on October 29, 1983, after Snoopy arrives home from a school dance that he attended with Peppermint Patty.

According to Charles M. Schulz, the bunnies that Snoopy dances with in It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown are in fact the Bunny Wunnies.

Known books in the series[]

  • The Six Bunny Wunnies and Their Pony Cart (First mentioned July 26, 1970)
  • The Six Bunny Wunnies Go to Long Beach (First mentioned April 8, 1971)
  • The Six Bunny Wunnies Make Cookies (First mentioned April 8, 1971)
  • The Six Bunny Wunnies Join an Encounter Group (First mentioned April 8, 1971)
  • The Six Bunny Wunnies and Their XK-E (First mentioned April 10, 1971)
  • The Six Bunny Wunnies and Their Water Bed (First mentioned April 12, 1971)
  • The Six Bunny Wunnies and Their Layover in Anderson, Indiana (First mentioned April 13, 1971)
  • The Six Bunny Wunnies and the Female Veterinarian (First mentioned February 10, 1972)
  • The Six Bunny Wunnies Freak Out (First mentioned October 23, 1972)
  • The Six Bunny Wunnies Visit Plains, Georgia (First mentioned September 26, 1977)