NASA's Computerized Astronaut Recruitment Advisor, also known by her shorthand name C.A.R.A., is a major character in the 2019 Apple TV series Snoopy in Space.


The C.A.R.A. mainly appears as a blue screen with two beady eyes, a pointy nose and mouth (a face much like Frieda's). Being a computer, she is very intelligent and knows a lot about the space program and the hard work that goes into being an astronaut.


The C.A.R.A. first appears in "Mission 2: Training", guiding Snoopy (in disguise) through training after he sneaks into the Astronaut Training Facility. She gets annoyed when Snoopy demands luxuries in the centrifuge believing it's a first-class flight and kicks him out, saying he's not fit to become an astronaut. However, when she sees that Snoopy has risked blowing his cover to save Woodstock during a training exercise, she is impressed by his bravery and announces him as the newest NASA astronaut. She also recruits Charlie Brown and his friends to help at Mission Control.

The C.A.R.A. guides Snoopy and Woodstock through their various tasks during their missions in space, and also gives advice and assistance to Charlie Brown and his friends when they need it.

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