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The bullies and their cat Brutus

There are a trio of unnamed bullies at Camp Remote. They serve as the main antagonists of the movie Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown.

The bullies own a vicious cat named Brutus, who is bold enough to terrorize even Snoopy. Although the bullies seem arrogant, they are oddly frightened of Linus when he uses his security blanket as a whip against them.

They are openly boastful about winning every year's race. They always win by cheating, such as by using an engine and air from other campers' rafts. They also put up signs in order to endanger the other children's lives and those of Snoopy and Woodstock.

The three boys are voiced by Kirk Jue, Jordan Warren, and Tom Muller. It is unknown which bully is voiced by which actor since their names are unknown, and they are segregated in the credits with such titles as "Bully #1," "Bully #2," et cetera. Tom Muller, however, did do a dual role in the film, voicing both one of the bullies and Franklin.

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