Rod McKuen-song - Champion Charlie Brown (in the movie A Boy Named Charley Brown 1969)

"Champion Charlie Brown" is a song from the 1969 animated film A Boy Named Charlie Brown. It was written by the American poet, musician and singer-songwriter Rod McKuen. In the film, it is sung by Linus, Lucy, Patty, Violet, Schroeder, "Pig-Pen" and other unnamed children. An instrumental version of "Champion Charlie Brown" also serves as the film's main theme tune.


Champion Charlie Brown.
That has a lovely ring,
Something to make the fourth-column headlines,
Something the kids can sing.
Champion Charlie Brown (Esquire),
Setting the whole wide world (on fire).
Fly all the flags, break out the confetti,
Cause all the bells to sound,
He's gotta be most definitely,
Champion Charlie Brown.
Champion Charlie Brown,
He's got to be the best.
Top of the heap when it comes to spelling,
Better than all the rest.
Champion Charlie Brown (You did it!)
If you're a blockhead, boy (You did it!)
It must be something not to be nothing,
When you've been on the ground.
Once a beginner, now he's a winner,
Champion Charlie Brown.
Champion Charlie Brown.
Champion Charlie Brown.
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