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Emily is a minor female character in the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz, making her debut appearance in February 11, 1995.

Physical appearance

Emily is rather short, just about the same size as many of the child characters. She wears a sleeveless dress and wears a bow in her long hair. When introduced in Snoopy's Town Tale, she wears a magenta coloured dress and her hair is strawberry blonde.


Emily's first appearance in the strip, on February 11, 1995

When she first appears in the strip, Emily asks Charlie Brown if they can dance together at an afternoon dance class. Charlie Brown is thrilled by the experience. The strips in the week following Emily's first appearance show Charlie Brown telling Linus and Sally about her, remembering the dance and eagerly going off to his next dance lesson. In the strip from February 16, 1995 Charlie Brown's dance teacher tells him that there is nobody called Emily in the class. The strip from February 17, 1995 shows Charlie Brown thinking that he is dancing with Emily but actually dancing by himself and talking to somebody who is not there. This suggests that Emily is nothing more than a figment of Charlie Brown's imagination.

Emily appears in two more storylines in strips that first appeared in 1996 and 1999.

In the April 1996 storyline, Emily rings up Charlie Brown and asks him to the Sweetheart Ball. Charlie Brown is so excited that in one comic strip he gets distracted, thinking about the ball and misses the school bus. On the night of the Sweetheart Ball, Charlie Brown heads off to the dance, walks in and finds Emily is there to greet him. Unfortunately, Charlie Brown has to leave the ball early because Snoopy has also come to the dance, even though no dogs are allowed in the dance studio. The 1996 storyline ends with Charlie Brown talking to Emily on the phone.

Emily and Charlie Brown attend the Sweetheart Ball in a 1996 comic strip.

In the August 1999 comic strips, Emily and Charlie Brown are seen dancing together at dance classes but on those occasions there is no mention of her being an imaginary character. The question of whether or not Charlie Brown had only imagined Emily was never resolved.



  • Emily is one of the many Peanuts characters to appear in the game Snoopy's Street Fair. In the game, she owns a booth where she sells dance footwear, which clearly references how she loves to dance. This may imply that she really does exist within the Peanuts continuity.
  • Emily was introduced into Snoopy's Town Tale in February 2021 as part of the Valentine's Day event.