Freddie Fabulous.

Freddie Fabulous is a minor male character who appears in the 1979 animated TV special You're the Greatest, Charlie Brown. He has never appeared in the Peanuts comic strip.

Role in You're the Greatest, Charlie Brown

Freddie Fabulous appears in You're the Greatest, Charlie Brown as an antagonist. He is a self-proclaimed champion of the decathlon in the Junior Olympics. He is shown to be arrogant, rude, and full of himself, as he is seen insulting his competitors, particularly Charlie Brown and Snoopy, by calling them "Pumpkin Head" and 'Squirt" respectively. Throughout the Junior Olympics, he is shown insulting and disrespecting his competitors. He shows no sense of good sportsmanship, as he often attempts to win by showing off his stunts, which also reveals how much of a show-off he is.

During the final running event of the decathlon, after Charlie Brown runs off the track, Peppermint Patty reveals that Freddie and the "Masked Marvel" (who is actually Snoopy in disguise) were both disqualified for getting into a fight with each other in the last 10 yards of the track, leaving Marcie to win the decathlon.

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