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Front cover of the Disney Read-Along book adaptation of It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown.

It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown is the sixth TV special based upon the Peanuts comic strip, created by Charles M. Schulz. It was directed by Bill Meléndez and originally aired on CBS on September 27, 1969.

It was the first Peanuts special not to feature the majority of the original voice cast from the inaugural A Charlie Brown Christmas, except for Peter Robbins and Sally Dryer.

It was also the first Peanuts special not to receive any Emmy Award nominations.


School is out for the summer and Charlie Brown, Linus van Pelt, Schroeder, and "Pig-Pen" are planning to spend it reading every comic book, watch television, practicing baseball, and classical music. However, Lucy tells them that she signed them up for camp. The girls are eager to go, but the boys hate the idea. (Charlie Brown adds that it's like finding out that he was drafted.) The boys shove each other to get on the bus, while the girls get lined up in order. At camp, Charlie Brown is chosen captain of the boy's camp. The boys and girls have a swim race and the girls win easily. Then they have a softball game, which the boys lose with only one run. Other competitions are just as lopsided.

Afterwards, the boys sit around a campfire and reflect on how miserable they are. In one scene, the colors of the shirts of Schroeder and Linus are mixed up.

Charlie Brown and Shermy, disillusioned by their continued defeat, see Snoopy arm wrestling with some boys. They realize that the boys might get even with an arm wrestling game, with, The "Masked Marvel" (Snoopy) as their champion. Snoopy goes into training, eating the camp's awful food, doing exercises, and drinking a nutritious and noxious concoction. In the contest, Snoopy goes against Lucy. They both get sweaty and tired in the match, which ends when Snoopy kisses Lucy. He pins her hand: but she says that kissing her was a foul, and she is the winner.

Back at school, Charlie Brown only came up with 13 words on his first essay that he and Linus were forced to write on the first day. Linus got an A but Charlie Brown got a C-, Linus then says, "Oh, well, it was a short summer, Charlie Brown", followed by Charlie Brown saying gloomily, "And it looks like it's going to be a long winter".


  • When Snoopy pretends to be a bus driver, he passes by a map that includes the names of several crew members, including Schulz City, Levitttown (for Ed Levitt, one of the designers), Leesville (for Lee Mendelson), Gruverberg (for Bernard Gruver, another one of the designers), and Cuidad (misspelled) de Melendez (for Bill Melendez).
  • Charles Schulz once stated that the arm wrestling competition between the Masked Marvel and Lucy was his all-time favorite piece of animation.
  • Even though this was the last Peanuts Tv Special to be released in the 1960's, the last Peanuts animation adaptation to be released in the 1960's was the first ever Peanuts Feature-Film "A Boy Named Charlie Brown", which premiered in theaters 3 months after "It was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown" aired on television.
  • This was the final TV special to feature Peter Robbins as the voice of Charlie Brown. Robbins' voice would also be heard in the feature film A Boy Named Charlie Brown which was released later in 1969.
  • This was the first TV special to feature Hilary Momberger as the voice of Sally Brown, Pamelyn Ferdin as the voice of Lucy van Pelt, and Christopher DeFaria as the voice of Peppermint Patty.
  • This is Peppermint Patty's third appearence in the Peanuts TV Specials, following after You're in Love, Charlie Brown & He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown.
  • This is the first special in which Peppermint Patty calls Charlie Brown by his real name instead of Chuck.


(All compositions for this special by Guaraldi, unless otherwise specified)

  1. "Charlie Brown Theme" (horn section version)
  2. "Linus and Lucy" (flute and trio version)
  3. "It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown" (two versions)
  4. "Oh, Good Grief"
  5. "You're in Love, Charlie Brown"
  6. "Schroeder" C, P
  7. "Bus Blues" (composed by John Scott Trotter)
  8. "Who Stepped on My Toe?" (composed by John Scott Trotter) [discarded and unused, and therefore unknown]
  9. "Bus Blues" (composed by John Scott Trotter)
  10. "It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown"
  11. "Frieda (With the Naturally Curly Hair)" (big band version)
  12. "Come and Get It" (composed by John Scott Trotter)
  13. "Bon Voyage"
  14. "Peppermint Patty"
  15. "Nova Bossa" (composed by John Scott Trotter) [discarded and unused, and therefore unknown]
  16. "Love Will Come"
  17. "Nova Bossa" (composed by John Scott Trotter) [discarded and unused, and therefore unknown]
  18. "Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag" (traditional, arranged by Guaraldi)
  19. "There's a Long, Long Trail A'Winding" (traditional, arranged by Guaraldi)
  20. "A.M. Break" (composed by John Scott Trotter)
  21. "He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown"
  22. "Pebble Beach"
  23. "You're in Love, Charlie Brown"
  24. "He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown"
  25. "Tah-Dah" (composed by John Scott Trotter)
  26. "Masked Marvel" (subsequently re-recorded for I)
  27. "Air Music" (subsequently retitled "Surfin' Snoopy")
  28. "The Masked Marvel"
  29. "You're in Love, Charlie Brown"
  30. "Masked Marvel"
  31. "Oh, Good Grief"
  32. "Charlie Brown Theme"
  33. "It Was a Short Summer, Charlie Brown"


  • Linus van Pelt: "Oh well, it was a short summer, Charlie Brown."
  • Charlie Brown: "And it looks like it's going to be a long winter."


  • Between the two scenes of Charlie Brown writing, he is shown to have written a minimum of 21 words, not counting the title. At the end of the special, he says he only wrote 13 words.
  • In one scene of the girls singing to the boys at the campfire at night, Linus and Schroeder have swapped the colors of their shirts.
  • In one shot of the crowd watching Masked Marvel and Lucy's arm wrestling competition, Sally is missing her cluster of hair curls.
  • Sally Brown is nervous on her first day of Kindergarten. However, in an episode two years before (You're in Love, Charlie Brown), she is seen practicing her graduation from Kindergarten.

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