James Frederick Sasseville is a comic artist who worked with Charles M. Schulz on the strip It's Only a Game. He also produced original Peanuts comics and covers for comic books printed by Gold Key in the 1950s and 60s, along with Dale Hale.

Born on August 28, 1927 in Minneapolis, he joined the Navy for just shy of one year after high school and then joined the Minneapolis School of Art, graduating in 1948. He was hired by the Art Instruction School the following year, where Schulz worked and they became friends. Sasseville was called back to the Navy for the Korean War throughout 1954 and returned to Minneapolis where he resumed working at the Art Institute and married Helga.

He started working on Dell's Peanuts comic books, adding original stories in the interiors. Dell and Gold Key had originally only published reprints of strips with some original covers by Schulz but they shifted to new content and Schulz's schedule didn't allow him to write and draw comic book stories. Sasseville ended up doing 29 original stories. Schulz also brought Sasseville onto It's Only a Game shortly after that strip began and he ended up doing several cartoons in collaboration with Schulz as well as solo. He attempted to sell several comic strips to distributors but had no luck. Instead, he moved to graphic design and he and Schulz didn't speak after It's Only a Game ended in early 1963.

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