May 1, 1949 (Top right: This gag was re-used as the basis of a six-day story arc in Peanuts, from May 2 to May 7, 1955.) (Bottom: This gag was re-used in the Peanuts strip of October 5, 1951.)
May 8, 1949`
May 15, 1949
May 22, 1949
May 29, 1949 (Top right: The third time that the name "Charlie Brown" appears in Li'l Folks. The name had previously been used in strips from May 30, 1948 and September 5, 1948. The gag in the strip in which Charlie Brown appears would be recycled in the first Peanuts comic strip from October 2, 1950.) (Bottom: The same basic gag was re-used in the Peanuts strip of August 2, 1951.)
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