Linus first mentions the difficulties he has with his grandmother in the strip from March 21, 1960.

Linus' blanket-hating grandmother is the grandmother, of Linus, Lucy, and Rerun van Pelt, and like most adults in the comic strip, has never been seen. As her name implies, she hates Linus' security blanket, and always tries to take it away from him.

The grandmother was first mentioned on March 21, 1960, when Linus told Charlie Brown there are two people in the world against thumb sucking. They are dentists, and interfering grandmothers.

Linus's blanket-hating grandmother is referred to in the TV special, Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown.




Linus tries to prevent his grandmother from taking his blanket in the strip from March 22, 1960.

While staying for a week at the Van Pelt family home, the grandmother demands that Linus stop using his blanket, an act which Linus refuses to do. The whole week, Linus keeps trying to hide his blanket, and ends up successfully hiding it from his grandmother.

The grandmother has featured in the strip's storyline a few more times over the years, and always tries to get Linus to give up his blanket. Linus always dreads her visits. Sometimes, she is successful in stealing Linus' blanket, but he always finds a way to take it back. Linus also uses tricks to prevent his grandmother from finding it, such as using a decoy blanket.


Linus finds out that his grandmother is prepared to give up smoking in the strip from August 28, 1967.

In one storyline which originally ran between August 28 and September 13, 1967, Linus says he will give up his blanket if his grandmother gives up smoking, which she does. After their grandmother keeps her side of the bargain, Lucy hides Linus' blanket to prevent him from touching it. The boy sends a spy (Snoopy) to find out where the blanket is hidden but the beagle fails in his mission. After Linus has been without his blanket for two weeks, Lucy declares that her brother is cured of his dependency on it and announces that she is going to burn it. Linus, however, rescues the blanket and tells Lucy that neither she nor their grandmother can part him from it.

In the series of strips which originally ran from January 10, 1963, Linus' blanket is taken away after he makes fun of his grandmother for drinking thirty-two cups of coffee. After he apologizes, his blanket is returned to him.


Lucy, who also hates Linus's blanket, is on the same team as the grandmother, and always teases Linus when she is coming, making Linus even more worried.


Rerun never has anything to do with his grandmother when she visits and tries to steal Linus's blanket. He always just stays out of the picture. However, Rerun seems to love talking to his grandmother on the phone, and tells her about kindergarten. It is possible that Rerun is talking to his other grandmother, and not the blanket-hating grandmother.