Linus opens up a clinic in a storyline starting April 18, 1983, right after he gives up his blanket.

Linus opens his clinic from April 18, 1983

Linus tells Lucy that he put an advertisement in the newspaper for his new clinic, that he hopes will help children give up their security blankets, just as he did. Linus expects hundreds of children to come, but only one child, whose identidy is unknown at first because a blanket is covering the child's face, comes.

Linus tries helping this patient, who claims to be named Randolph and to be holding three teddy bears, to give up the blanket. Linus tries figuring out why his patient needs his blanket, but does not get anywhere with his treatment. Linus tells Randolph to remove the blanket from his head, at which point, the patient is revealed to be Sally. This scares Linus so much that he needs his blanket to calm him down. He instantly becomes addicted to his blanket again as a result, he closes down the clinic.

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