The Little Pigtailed Girl and Rerun in I Want a Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown.

The Little Pigtailed Girl is a minor female character in the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. She first appeared on September 11, 1996 in Rerun's kindergarten class. She has brown hair and, as her name implies, pigtails. No real name has ever been given for her.

She sits next to Rerun, likes to point out his faults, and often comments about his paintings in art class. Unlike Rerun, she seems to enjoy school and learning. She sometimes tries to get Rerun to listen in class.

The Little Pigtailed Girl appears to be quite gullible. In one storyline from January 1997,  Rerun sees that she is very unhappy, makes a joke about flying to Paris, and invites her to come with him. She believes Rerun, and tells her mother about the joke, her mother tells a teacher, who tells the principal, who suspends Rerun for harassment (a one day long term suspension) The storyline was later adapted in the 2003 TV special I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown.

It seems that Rerun might have an innocent kindergarten crush on her. He always talks to her in a flirty way, and has taken her to see one of Charlie Brown's baseball games.

She appears in the third to last Peanuts strip ever, from January 30, 2000, along with Rerun.

In a trailer for the 2015 CGI Peanuts movie, the Little Pigtailed Girl can be seen sitting in a theater, in the row behind Charlie Brown.

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