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Loretta's first appearance in the strip from May 22, 1974.

Loretta is a minor female character in the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. She only makes two appearances in the comic strip, in the strips from May 22, 1974 and July 27, 1974. She is a girl scout who sells girl scout cookies. She appears to be a very scruffy girl (but is nowhere near as dirty as "Pig-Pen").


In the first storyline in which Loretta appears, Snoopy has just become a Beagle Scout, but gets lost in the woods. Snoopy sees a person coming towards him and thinks the girl is coming to mug him. It turns out to be Loretta the girl scout, and she helps Snoopy find his way home.

Later that summer, Charlie Brown goes to a party, and comes back saying he had a horrible time, because he felt everyone was laughing at him behind his back. Sally notices a note on the back of her brother's shirt, that says, "I was the one who hurt your feelings at the party, and you should come to my house so I can apologize to you". Charlie Brown goes to the house, Loretta answers the door and tries to sell him some girl scout cookies. Charlie Brown realizes she was not really interested in apologizing, but really just wanted to sell him cookies.

Loretta also appears in the TV special, You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown but in that special she does not try to sell girl scout cookies, like in her other two appearances. She appears instead as the "Queen of the Motorcross" and presents Charlie Brown with his prize, which ironically is a coupon for five free haircuts at a barber's shop.

In the strip from November 27, 1995, Sally says that she has to send a Christmas card to a girl named Loretta.



  • Loretta was introduced into Snoopy's Town Tale in October 2021 as part of the Halloween event.