Unprecedented for a comic strip, Peanuts became a huge marketing phenomenon. The Peanuts Gang became spokespersons for a variety of businesses and all manner of merchandise has been sold featuring their likenesses.


One of the most durable pieces of merchandise is books, starting with reprints of the strips themselves as well as adaptations of animated specials, and entirely original works.

Paper products

Possibly the most abundant type of merchandise is paper products such as greeting cards.


Between action figures, miniatures, dolls, and plushes, all of the Gang has popped off the page into three dimensions.


While the most common types of Peanuts clothing are casual wear like T-shirts, pajamas, and sneakers, there are also Peanuts formal wear such as ties. Charles M. Schulz's 1950s Halloween strips were instrumental in creating the tradition of trick-or-treating, so it's only appropriate that Charlie Brown and Snoopy are popular costumes.


Virtually any item has been branded with Peanuts.

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