"Mission 2: Training" is an episode from Snoopy in Space.


The whole gang is riding on the bus, excited to see the space center. Snoopy and Woodstock however, are scheming to sneak into the astronaut training facility. When they arrive, Snoopy and Woodstock go straight to the training facility. Snoopy just gets thrown out, and pouts. Charlie Brown finds Snoopy, comforting him saying that he was rejected because he wasn't accepted. Suddenly the door opens, giving Snoopy a chance. Snoopy jumps on a luggage cart, and waves goodbye to Charlie Brown. Snoopy is curious to find where to train, so he looks around. Snoopy and Woodstock are seen by security cameras, causing an intruder alert. Snoopy hides, and to make himself safe, he puts on a mustache for a disguise. Suddenly, a computer named C.A.R.A (NASA's Computerized Astronaut Recruitment Advisor), turns on, and assumes that Snoopy is the recruit, because it was "a very secure area" and anyone in there would be in "BIG trouble". Snoopy wants to be an astronaut, so he agrees with C.A.R.A. C.A.R.A. throws a pile of books on Snoopy and says it is time for "some light reading". Meanwhile at the space center, the gang are looking at the artifacts, while Charlie Brown stands in the rain. At the training facility, C.A.R.A says that astronauts must solve hard mathematics problems in a jiffy. C.A.R.A presents Snoopy with a chalkboard, and 10 seconds. After the 10 seconds are up, Snoopy shows C.A.R.A his answer, which is only a drawing of Woodstock. Woodstock claps happily, while C.A.R.A is unhappy. C.A.R.A tries again with exercise training, but Snoopy just eats candy. C.A.R.A is not impressed by his work. His next task is to feel the extreme pressure that he will feel in space. Snoopy acts like he's in a first class plane, and asks for hot towels, beverages, chocolate chip cookies, and a pillow. C.A.R.A gets so angry, that she kicks him out. Snoopy lands by Charlie Brown, who is eating lunch. Snoopy cries, and Charlie Brown says: "Oh, good grief."

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