Mrs. van Pelt speaks to Lucy in the strip from November 5, 1953.

Mr. and Mrs. van Pelt are minor unseen characters in the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. They are the parents of Lucy van Pelt, Linus van Pelt and Rerun van Pelt, and like other adults, their faces have never been seen in the strip.

In strips from the early years, they are sometimes shown with speech bubbles. In those early strips, they do things like breaking up fights between Linus and Lucy, disciplining them if they act up, and putting them to bed. Often, due to the parents not being around, Charlie Brown acts as a parental figure toward Lucy, doing things such as reading stories to her, and making her hold his hand while crossing the street. Likewise, in later strips, Lucy acts as a parental figure to her brother Rerun, by showing him the world, and giving him advice.

In a May 1972 story line, in which Lucy kicks Linus out of the house, Linus tells Charlie Brown that Mrs. van Pelt was not home to stop Lucy because she was in the hospital. Lucy is subsequently informed that their mother had given birth to a new baby brother, later named Rerun.


Rerun first rides on the back of Mrs. van Pelt's bicycle in the strip from January 21, 1974.

Like most adults, Mr. and Mrs. van Pelt are not around much, and hardly anything is known about them. However, a running gag with Mrs. van Pelt is how she always puts Rerun on the back of her bike, and rides around with him. In strips from later years, Rerun is often shown unsuccessfully pleading with her to allow him to have a dog.

In the TV special, Is This Goodbye, Charlie Brown?, their faces are briefly visible when the car pulls out of the driveway.