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Naomi is a minor female character in the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. She was the last new character to be introduced to the strip.


Naomi's first appeared on October 1, 1998, during a storyline in which Spike, fed up of living in the desert, decides to go into Needles California (which is close to his desert home), where he hopes to find a "Hollywood-type girl", and that she will adopt him. Spike decides to wait near an animal clinic, but Naomi takes him inside to the animal hospital because she thinks he is sick. Naomi's mother is the vet at the clinic and the girl helps out there. She realizes what is wrong with Spike. Everything is!

When Spike wakes up after falling asleep in the clinic bed, he tells himself that he will wake up next to a Hollywood-type girl, and is shocked to see Naomi next to him, which shows he thinks of Naomi as a "Hollywood-type girl". Naomi helps him get better, helps him to walk again and feeds him lots of pudding. Spike hopes to be able to stay with Naomi forever, but, at the end of the storyline, she takes him back to the desert. Spike reluctantly realizes that the desert is the place where he belongs.

She later notices Andy and Olaf passing by and speculates that they are Spike's brothers. Andy notices she was staring at them. Olaf replies "Probably admiring us..."

She was added to the Snoopy's Town Tale game in July 2020 for the Movie Star event.


  • Naomi is one of the many characters to appear in the game Snoopy's Street Fair in which she owns a petting zoo booth and says that her mother is a vet, in case any of the animals get sick. She also tells Charlie Brown that Snoopy looks sick.