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This Paramount Home Video logo appeared at the beginning of the Peanuts VHS tapes (and depending on where it was placed, would zoom out to reveal the words "FEATURE PRESENTATION" (this itself often zoomed in to reveal a warning post) or "COMING ATTRACTIONS"). The Viacom byline was added in 1995, before then, a Paramount Communications byline was used on Peanuts VHS tapes.

Paramount Home Media Distribution, formerly Paramount Home Entertainment, Paramount Home Video and Paramount Video, is the home media division of Paramount Pictures.

Peanuts VHS releases

All are out of print. These were released under five banners, some of which were later discontinued: Peanuts Classics and A Peanuts Special (both of which contained a single special per tape), This Is America, Charlie Brown (which contained a single episode of This Is America, Charlie Brown per tape), The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show (which contained two The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show episodes per tape) and Snoopy Double Feature (which contained two specials per tape).

Peanuts Classics / A Peanuts Special

Snoopy Double Feature

The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show

This Is America, Charlie Brown

Peanuts movies

Peanuts laserdisc releases

As with the VHS tapes shown above, all are out of print.

Peanuts DVD releases

Unless indicated with an asterisk, all releases are out of print, as rights to the specials were transferred to Warner Home Video in 2007. Warner Home Video has not acquired the rights to the four Peanuts feature films.

Peanuts Blu-ray releases

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