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Peanuts by Schulz is a 2014 French-Italian animated TV programme produced by Normaal Animation Studios in France and Dall'Angelo Pictures in Italy.[1] It is based on the Peanuts strip cartoon and characters by Charles M. Schulz. Its production preceded the Peanuts feature film from 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios that was released in November 2015.

The series is packaged as 500 90-second shorts and 104 seven-minute blocks. The shorts began airing on the channel France 3 in France on November 9, 2014 and on Rai Gulp in Italy on September 17, 2017. They originally aired in the United States on Boomerang and Cartoon Network between May 9 and December 24, 2016. They have been released on DVD as well as being added to HBO Max's Cartoon Network collection.


All the shorts start with an opening sequence on Charles M. Schulz's drawing board. The camera zooms into a strip cartoon and the classic title of the Sunday strips; "Peanuts featuring Good ol' Charlie Brown", can be seen. Out of the blue, Snoopy bumps into Charlie Brown's head and they fall making the letters say "Peanuts". Finally, Schulz signs the comic strip as Lucy says "By Schulz!" and the shorts start.

Episode list


Each bumper after an episode is based on a strip cartoon which only features Snoopy and Woodstock.

(1) Snoopy and Woodstock are sleeping. Woodstock is snoring loudly. Snoopy moves the Z speech balloon away from Woodstock over to himself. Snoopy then snores loudly, much to Woodstock's annoyance. (1983-09-03) (Pink) (Come on Snoopy #1)

(2) Woodstock's feathers on his head have been drawn and Woodstock sighs. So Snoopy sprays him and strokes his feathers. (1972-03-09) (Green) (The Mysteries of Love #2)

(3) Woodstock latches onto a branch and begins to sing. Snoopy notices a music note and grumpily walks over to Woodstock and places the note on him. (1978-08-06) (Orange) (Come on Snoopy #2)

(4) Snoopy watches Woodstock flying upside down. Woodstock talks upside down, much to Snoopy's confusion. (1976-09-04) (Orange) (Come on Snoopy #4)

(5) Snoopy and Woodstock are sleeping until Woodstock has a weird dream that he is in a cage and wakes up scared. (1975-06-08) (Pink) (School Chums #1)

(6) Woodstock is drawn and he climbs up onto Snoopy. Woodstock jumps into Snoopy's supper dish. Snoopy peers down and Woodstock gets a funny look. (1972-08-13) (Blue) (Come on Snoopy #3)

(7) Snoopy is sleeping until it starts to rain. He rushes over to Woodstock's nest and puts it upside down. (1976-04-04) (Blue) (Good Sports #2)

(8) A football is drawn and Snoopy kicks it. Woodstock peeks out from Snoopy's feet. (1974-09-28) (Orange) (The Little Red-Haired Girl #3)

(9) Woodstock is drawn sees some paper on the ground. Snoopy is typing and throwing the paper on the ground. Woodstock carries the paper away and makes it into a nest. (1975-04-22) (Orange) (Christmas is on its Way #1)

(10) Woodstock flies upside down over Snoopy and then flies to his nest where he falls asleep. (1975-07-14) (Purple) (The Mysteries of Love #1)

(11) A balloon is drawn and then a breeze blows Woodstock onto it. Woodstock flies upside down on his balloon past Snoopy. (1978-02-23) (Orange) (School Chums #4)

(12) A hat is drawn on Snoopy's head. Snoopy starts to ice skate and does jumps and spins. His hat ends up on his nose. (1975-01-08) (Blue) (School Chums #3)

(13) Woodstock is drawn and he flies onto Snoopy's nose. Then, all of a sudden, Snoopy sneezes. Woodstock is shot into the air and lands on Snoopy's feet. (1970-08-22) (Orange) (The Call of the Wild #4)

(14) Snoopy draws a crossword grid, then he fills some squares to black. Snoopy has a confused look, He tells Woodstock he needs a five-letter word. Woodstock chirps a five-letter word. Snoopy writes the five strokes into the grid. He thanks the bird. (1981-01-29) (Green) (The Eye of the Beholder #2)

(15) Woodstock is drawn and then, starts to gather up sticks. He makes a nest as tall as Snoopy's doghouse. Snoopy and Woodstock both fall asleep. (1986-03-10) (Pink) (Crazy Mutt #3)

(16) A basketball is drawn. Snoopy starts to play with it and then throws it into Woodstock's nest. (1973-09-21) (Orange) (Strike Out #3)

(17) Snoopy is sleeping with Woodstock sleeping on his feet. Snoopy wakes up from Woodstock's snoring and juggles him with his feet. Woodstock continues sleeping, but with the Z in the speech balloon spinning in circles, waking Snoopy a second time. (1975-07-26) (Green) (Christmas is on its Way #3)

(18) Snoopy is playing piano. A musical note with his dog feet appears. (1974-01-12) (Green) (Have a Nice Day Linus #2)

(19) Snoopy is walking to his doghouse, finds out that Woodstock is sleeping at the middle of the doghouse. Snoopy blows Woodstock to the side of the doghouse and he sleeps with Woodstock. (1973-08-27) (Orange) (Frieda #4)

(20) It is raining. Snoopy is walking, with Woodstock sitting at Snoopy's head, and Woodstock is holding an umbrella. The rain stops. Woodstock closes the umbrella and then he hangs the umbrella on Snoopy's nose. (1987-04-13) (Blue) (A Day with Snoopy #4)

(21) Snoopy and Woodstock are watching snow. Woodstock opens its mouth and wants to eat a snowball. The snowball is too heavy and Woodstock is too light. Woodstock falls down. (1971-01-12) (Pink) (Even the Score #1)

(22) Woodstock sings with some musical notes. Snoopy catches Woodstock, reshape him into a handbell, and use it to hit the musical note. (1983-01-29) (Purple) (Birds of a Feather #2)

(23) Snoopy is sleeping on his doghouse covered with snow. Woodstock brings a small tree and put it on Snoopy's nose. (1972-12-22) (Blue) (Christmas is Coming #1)

(24) Snoopy is turning up-side-down on his doghouse when Woodstock is flying upside-down passing his doghouse. (1970-04-11) (Green) (Train Your Dog #2)

(25) Snoopy acts as a helicopter and brings Woodstock for travelling. (1977-02-01) (Purple) (Keep Your Chin Up Charlie Brown #2)

(26) It is windy. Woodstock cannot fly very well. So he uses an anchor to help him to balance, and he flies passing through Snoopy. (1983-03-13) (Orange) (A Fascinating Friend #1)


Voice actors

French and English-language versions of the series were produced in France. The same voice actors, all of whom are adult women who live in France, voice the characters in both versions. This is the first time that the child Peanuts characters have been voiced by adults in English.

The English-language version produced in France has not been shown on television in the United States. Boomerang had the entire series dubbed again using children's voices. This was done to respect the tradition in which real children have always voiced the child characters in Peanuts animated cartoons made in the United States. The child voice actors for the American version of the Peanuts TV programme are children who auditioned for parts in 2015's The Peanuts Movie, were rated highly but did not quite make the cut for the film. Surprisingly, characters such as Patty, Violet, and Shermy do not appear in the segments (presumably due to their minor roles in the Peanuts world).

Voice cast (American English version)

Floyd also appears in one episode but his voice is provided by an unknown actor.

Voice cast (French English version)

The French voice cast also consists of unidentified voice actors Mathilde Hennekinne, Nathalie Homs, Caroline Pascal, Dorothee Pousseo, and Magali Rosenzweig.


Home media cover art

Home media

The first DVD Snoopy Tales containing 32 episodes was released by Warner Home Video on January 24, 2017.

The second DVD Go Team Go containing 19 episodes was released on April 25, 2017.

The third DVD School Days containing 29 episodes was released on August 19, 2017.

The fourth DVD "Peanuts by Schulz: It's Only Love" containing 18 episodes was released on January 8, 2019.

The fifth DVD "Peanuts by Schulz: Springtime" containing 15 episodes was released on February 26, 2019.

The sixth DVD "Peanuts by Schulz: Lucy and Friends" containing 16 episodes was released on June 4, 2019.

The seventh DVD "Peanuts by Schulz: Happy Holidays" containing 26 episodes was released on September 10, 2019.


  • Although the series aired in France in 2014, and in the USA in 2016, every episode is copyrighted 2013, meaning the episodes were produced that year.

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