"Peanuts Potpourri" is a musical number from the 1967 stage musical You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. It is made up entirely of spoken dialog with brief musical accompaniments. It is not included in the 1985 animated TV special adaptation of the musical. It is also the only song from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown to be dropped for its 1999 Broadway revival.


Snoopy: Now why is it that I always my supper in the red dish, and my drinking water in the yellow dish? One of these days... I'm going to have my supper in the yellow dish, and my drinking water in the red dish. Life is just too short not to... live it up a little!

Schroeder: Hey Linus, did you fill out all of those forms that Miss Othmar gave us in school today?

Linus: Oh, yes! I put down my name and address, and my telephone number, and my postal zone.

Schroeder: Well, what did you put down where it said "family doctor"?

Linus: Well, I wasn't sure. So I put down "Dr. Seuss".

Snoopy: My teeth are tingling again. I feel like I've just got to bite somebody before sundown or I'll go stark raving mad! Yet I realize society frowns on such an action. So what happens? I'm stuck with tingling teeth. I hate cats! To me, cats are the crab grass on the lawn of life! I am a cat hater! A cat despiser! And a cat loather!

Cat screeches

Snoopy: I am also scared to death of them. Sometimes I think I'll just pull up stakes and move out of here. Go out into the world, broaden my horizons, meet new people. But something holds me here. Something binds me to this spot. That ol' supper dish.


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