Polly tries to teach Snoopy to ride a unicycle.

Polly is a minor female character. She has never appeared in the Peanuts comic strip but she features prominently in the animated TV special Life is a Circus, Charlie Brown, in which she is voiced by Casey Carlson. She is a circus performer and animal trainer who has a dog act called "Miss Polly and her Poodles". She is answerable to a mysterious man, known only as "the Colonel", who she speaks to by telephone.

When Snoopy follows one of Polly's canine performers, a poodle named Fifi, into a circus tent, Polly grabs him and immediately makes him part of the act. In his first performance, Polly makes Snoopy do back-flips and jump through a hoop. Although she considers the beagle to be rather clumsy, Polly thinks that Snoopy has potential and decides to keep him in the act. Following the Colonel's advice, Polly renames the beagle Hugo the Great and encourages him to learn to ride a unicycle (on the ground at first and on a high wire soon afterwards) and to swing on a trapeze. Snoopy follows all of Polly's commands quite obediently, until she announces that both he and Fifi are to be dyed pink. Although he gets dunked into the tub of pink food coloring himself, Snoopy refuses to let the same thing happen to Fifi. He attacks Polly and runs away from her, taking Fifi with him.

Polly has collar length hair which is slightly curly and light brown in color. When she is performing in the circus, Polly wears a headdress of pink and yellow feathers, a matching sleeveless blouse and pair of leggings which are pale green with yellow polka dots and pink and yellow boots. When she is not performing, as seen in the picture, Polly wears a yellow headband, a green shirt with a yellow collar, green pants and brown shoes.