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Royanne is a minor female character in the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz, making her debut appearance on April 1, 1993.

Physical appearance

Royanne has long hair that covers her face. She wears a baseball cap, a long-sleeved shirt, long-legged trousers, and what appears to be sneakers.


The first appearance of Royanne followed a storyline in which Charlie Brown scored his first run, leading his baseball team to victory for the first time. Royanne, who was the pitcher for the opposing team which Charlie Brown scored against, claims to be Roy Hobbs' great-granddaughter. She then tells Charlie Browns that by scoring that home-run, he ruined her whole life.

Royanne Hobbe's first appearance on April 1, 1993

Later that summer, when Charlie Brown leads his team to a victory again, Royanne reappears. Even later that summer, Royanne confesses that she let Charlie Brown hit those home runs because she liked him; Charlie Brown retaliates by informing her that "Roy Hobbs" is a fictional character, to which Royanne replies, "No! Please! Don't tell me that! My life is ruined!".

Royanne reappears in a story arc from March 1994 in which she tries to sell "the bat used by Roy Hobbs", even though she is aware that Roy Hobbs is a fictional character ("So if I sold you this bat, it would be a real con job.") Lucy purchases the bat and lashes out at her upon being informed by Charlie Brown that Roy Hobbs is fictional. Royanne then admits that she wanted to play on Charlie Brown's team, but utterly refuses to play with Lucy.

After the storyline in which she attempted to sell the baseball bat, Royanne never appeared in the comic strip again.


  • Royanne is one of the many Peanuts characters to appear in the game Snoopy's Street Fair, in which she owns a tin can alley booth.