"Show Dog" is an episode of the 2014 animated series Peanuts. The main theme of the episode is related to Snoopy's disguises.


Snoopy has an arm wrestle with Lucy as the Masked Marvel. Snoopy has boxing matches against Charlie Brown and Lucy. Linus gets on Snoopy's doghouse after sticking a stamp on Lucy. Snoopy and Lucy do a check up on Woodstock after a football accident. Linus, Lucy and Snoopy film a movie about a vulture.


  • A series of strips of when Snoopy became the Masked Marvel and arm wrestles with Lucy from February 1967.
  • Some strips in which Snoopy boxes with Charlie Brown and Lucy are from November 1960.
  • The parts of the film of when Snoopy is a vulture are based on strips from August 1983.