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Snoopy's Street Fair is a simulation game for iPhone and iPad.

In the game, Charlie Brown needs money to get uniforms for his baseball team. Peppermint Patty suggests that he holds a street fair in his neighborhood to raise money. The player starts out with a certain amount of money to spend to make the street fair. The player can buy booths or stalls to entertain the visitors. By buying these items, the player receives more money from the visitors who go to these stalls, and can use the money to buy more booths and stalls. Once the player receives  certain amount of money, they can move onto the next level.

The characters (namely Sally Brown, Linus van Pelt, Frieda, Violet, Thibault, Lucy van Pelt, Lydia, Joe Agate, Emily, Marcie, Franklin, Shermy, Woodstock, Schroeder, Royanne Hobbs, Patty, Cormac, Joe Richkid, "Pig-Pen", Ethan, Maynard, Eudora, Lila, Rerun van Pelt, Naomi, and Tapioca Pudding) are depicted as stall owners at the street fair. They own booths which relate to their characters. For instance, Lucy owns a psychiatrist stand, Linus owns a pumpkin pie stand, and Schroeder owns a piano stand. Along the way, Peppermint Patty gives the player quests, such as "buy a popcorn cart". Peggy Jean and Woodstock's bird friends appear as ornaments on stalls. Players can also collect forty-five comic strips, and twenty-seven trading cards. Players can even visit other players fairs, and interact with them. There are also three mini games which can be unlocked.

Sometime around 2016, the game was removed from the app store.

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