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Snoopy Presents: For Auld Lang Syne, or simply For Auld Lang Syne, is the forty-sixth Peanuts TV special based on the comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. It is the second New Year's Day special after Happy New Year, Charlie Brown! It was released on December 10, 2021, on Apple TV+. It is the first Peanuts special since 2011's Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown.

In the special, Lucy and Linus prepare a New Year's party at their house after their grandmother did not come for Christmas. Meanwhile, Charlie Brown struggles to accomplish one of the resolutions he made for the year before midnight.


On the first week of December, Lucy begins Christmas preparations for the arrival of her grandmother, whom she loves dearly. Meanwhile, Charlie Brown tries to finish his New Year's resolutions, which in typical fashion, he fails to do any of. Lucy compacts them to two specific ones: build a snowman (which he immediately fails at) and do something "remotely" creative. Elsewhere, Snoopy celebrates the arrival of his siblings. Spike, only having a childhood photo of him and the others, tries to take a new current photo, but is constantly stymied by bad luck.

On Christmas Eve, Lucy is distraught to learn that her grandmother is not coming this year (her reason is unknown) and solemnly worries that she is unloved. To feel better, she decides to throw a New Year's Eve party at an old, abandoned theater, which she manages to rent with the numerous nickels Charlie Brown has paid her over the years. She invites everyone and has Charlie Brown be in charge of decorations with the other children also helping out. Snoopy's family gets invited to play at the party; however, when Spike's camera is accidentally destroyed, Spike decides to leave, saddening the dogs.

The party does not go the way Lucy wants, as everyone finds her rules uninteresting. Soon everyone becomes miserable as Lucy tries to get Linus to save the party, but he instead snaps back at Lucy for trying to make it about herself instead of her friends. As everyone leaves, Charlie Brown accidentally knocks down the decorations, essentially failing his second resolution. Snoopy and his siblings find Spike at the bus stop afterward and apologize for what happened before. As Lucy misses the New Year hour, Charlie Brown meets with Linus and learns why Lucy was upset, to begin with, empathizing with her.

Linus finds Lucy in her bedroom and reminds her that he loves her no matter what. Charlie Brown arrives to give words of encouragement and reveals that he brought everyone from the party after explaining the situation. Everyone pretends to restart the countdown as Lucy finally has a party that satisfies everyone, Franklin takes a good photo of Snoopy and his siblings together and Lucy helps Charlie Brown with another New Year's resolution by immediately crossing it off: Being a good friend.

Voice cast

5 appears but is silent.



  • This special makes the common mistake of implying Snoopy only has five siblings, Molly and Rover are not shown in the special.
  • Spike plays his harmonica backward. It can be seen that the blowholes are facing towards the audience and are not in his mouth.