For the earlier handheld game, see Snoopy Tennis (Game & Watch)
Snoopy Tennis (GBC)

Cover art for Gameboy Color Snoopy Tennis.

Snoopy Tennis Menu

Title menu for the game.

Snoopy Tennis is a Gameboy Color game released by Infogrames in 2001. It was developed by Mermaid Studios and published by Infogrames and Atari in Europe. There are four characters which players can select to play as.

Cheats and secrets

Play as Woodstock

Enter "ZVBM" as a password to unlock Woodstock.

Play as Woodstock and "Pig-Pen"

Enter "ZLNH" as a password to unlock Woodstock and "Pig-Pen".

Play as Woodstock, "Pig-Pen", and Marcie

Enter "HGQM" as a password to unlock Woodstock, "Pig Pen", and Marcie.

Unlock all characters and fields

Enter "FFWJ" to unlock everything.