Do the Frieda and Faron pages have to be merged. I know they have to do in comon, but there is a lot to say on both. I think they can be unmerged.Statue-of-liberty 03:28, December 15, 2010 (UTC)

Naturally curly hair warning

Please note that if you have curly hair, be warned that it may get tangled in to something like a brush or a hand, the hair can be pulled or torn off. You would not like that. She's probably dumb enough to know what's going to happen to it. A smart person would know that. That's why I choose to keep my hair straight. Curly hair just makes us look like hobos. This is why Frieda was my least favorite character. MetalLuigi64 (talk) 18:38 May 26, 2013 (PT)

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