Snoopy dislikes the sign, 'No Dogs Allowed'

I saw Snoopy, Come Home for the musical by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman. Snoopy was upset about the sign says, 'No Dogs Allowed' at the beach, the library, the bus, to keep off the grass, the train, the hospital, and the building. Maybe, the police comes into the movie just like Ferris Bueller's Day Off to make a phony phone call by Ferris Bueller, Sloane Peterson, and Cameron Frye for a funny sounds on the phone. Snoopy became the bad mood to fight Linus for a blanket and boxing for Lucy for a kiss.

Reset Button Technique

At first, the "No Dogs Allowed" sign was an annoyance to Snoopy, but then, it saved his relationship when he saw that no dogs were allowed in Lila's apartment, let alone her cat.  It looks like Snoopy's rightful home is with the one and only Charlie Brown.  And I further decree that everything will be just like it was before all this happened, and no one will ever mention it again, under penalty of torture!  In conclusion, one moral is that home isn't where you belong, but where you live.Jeff Meredith (talk) 22:31, July 30, 2017 (UTC)


This animated film is unusual in 1972, when Snoopy, Come Home was released as the second theatrical film.

Is it? Disney had been releasing animated features for decades at this point. —Justin (koavf)·T·C·M 07:29, October 23, 2017 (UTC)