R.I.P., Bill Melendez

This will be dedicated in memory of Bill Melendez, right? Interstate2011 (talk) 03:41, November 10, 2015 (UTC)

Snoopy and Fifi

Snoopy and Fifi are in the big screen of the movie. Fifi is the beautiful French poodle for Snoopy's love interest. When Snoopy fell in love to her from the circus and the World War I Flying Ace. Until the Red Baron captured her and she left her scarf to Snoopy for the rescue and saved the day.

Test scores and surnames

I noticed this claim over at and was wondering if it was true and if so, if anyone was able to locate a freeze-frame of the score sheet to display as evidence for various names...

The test scores list also shows the canonical last names of various characters. While Linus and Lucy's last name ("Van Pelt") is well-known, having been mentioned multiple times in the strip, the list also includes Violet's ("Grey"), which was mentioned exactly once in the entire fifty-year run, along with Peppermint Patty's ("Reichardt"), which was mentioned no more than thrice (along with her real name, Patricia, which the list also uses).
Furthermore, the list gives some characters brand new surnames taken from Schulz's friends and relatives - whose first names he originally borrowed for them, thus completing the homage: Marcie "Carlin" (though she was surnamed "Johnson" in one of the specials), Frieda "Rich", Patty "Swanson" and Shermy "Plepler". But like in the strip, Schroeder and Franklin still go by Only One Name (though Franklin was surnamed "Armstrong" in one of the specials) while Pig-Pen is still Only Known By His Nickname.
The test scores also reveal the Little Red-Haired Girl's name to be "Heather Wold", which is a combination of Heather (the name Bill Melendez gave her in the specials) and Donna Wold (Schulz's real-life inspiration for the character).
Longtime Peanuts fans may also recognize another odd name on the list: "5 95472", a character who comes from a family whose parents changed their names and the names of the their kids to numbers.

Did I miss an existing screenshot here? Would love to see it...

Edit: okay I found had a screenshot of the top 5 scores which I've uploaded to File:Top5.jpg. They affirm:

  1. Charlie Brown
  2. Marcie Carlin
  3. Franklin
  4. Heather Wold
  5. Linus Van Pelt

I don't know if there is a zoomed-out version which shows more or if it was a scrolling screen. talk2ty 06:40, March 23, 2017 (UTC)

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