The Music and Heroes of America VHS

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"The Music and Heroes of America" is the eighth and final episode of This Is America, Charlie Brown. It first aired on CBS on May 23, 1989.


Schroeder and the boys try to present a school pageant about great American musicians, ranging from Stephen Foster to John Phillip Sousa to rock'n'rollers, but are interrupted by both the antics of Snoopy and Lucy, who wants to give a report with the girls on famous American heroes-including Susan B. Anthony, Amelia Earheart, George Washington Carver, and Martin Luther King-on the same stage at the same time. Under protest, both teams combine their pageants into one. At the end, Charlie Brown picks his favorite song: "Linus and Lucy".

Voice cast

Eudora appears but she is silent.


  • This is the third time the gang's school is named Birchwood School—it had previously appeared with that name in You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown and Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown.
  • The instruments the gang plays in the episode are:
  • In this special if one looks closely during the scene where Franklin is shown playing the piano, Eudora's hat can be seen being blown off by a gust of wind. This makes this special the first and only time so far that Eudora has been show without her hat. Her hair is colored blonde and her hair style is similar to that of Peppermint Patty's hair.

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