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The Peanuts Movie (Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie in the United Kingdom and Australia) is an American 3D CGI animated comedy film based on Peanuts that was released on November 6, 2015, around the sixty-fifth anniversary of the debut of the comic strip and the fiftieth anniversary of the first Peanuts television special, A Charlie Brown Christmas. Written and produced by Charles M. Schulz's son, Craig, his grandson, Bryan, and Cornelius Uliano, it was animated by 20th Century Fox's Blue Sky Studios, and directed by Steve Martino, the director of Horton Hears a Who! and Ice Age: Continental Drift.

The teaser trailer for the movie was released on March 18, 2014, along with the official website and logo of the movie.[1]

The full trailer was released online on November 18, 2014[2] and the trailer hit theatres on Thanksgiving Day 2014.

The Peanuts Movie was rated G by the Motion Picture Association of America and U by the British Board of Film Classification.

The film received largely positive reviews from critics and grossed $246 million worldwide against its $99 million budget, making it a box office success. It was also nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film and won an award from the African-American Film Critics Association for Best Animated Feature.


Charlie Brown has grown fed up with losing constantly. Though his best friend Linus van Pelt and his dog Snoopy encourage him to continue, Lucy van Pelt and the rest of the neighborhood tell him to give up after Charlie Brown’s attempt to fly a kite across the skating pond goes awry. However, everything changes upon a new kid - the Little Red-Haired Girl - moves across the street from Charlie Brown, motivating him to impress her now that he has a clean slate.

While visiting Lucy at her psychiatric booth, she gives him a book on how to become a winner. Over a few days, Charlie Brown attempts to follow the book’s advice, only for his bad luck to interfere; he enters the school talent show after practicing his magic act relentlessly, only to give up his spot to help his little sister, Sally, after her act goes wrong. His next attempt is to practice dancing for the school’s Winter Dance, after seeing the Little Red-Haired Girl dance through her windows. At the dance, he is about to win the dance contest alongside the Little Red-Haired Girl, but a slip of his shoe causes it to fly off and hit the gym’s sprinkler system, ruining the dance and leaving Charlie Brown soaked and alone.

The next day, the class is assigned to do a book report with partners, and Charlie Brown is assigned to work with the Little Red-Haired Girl, who is out of town to take care of her sick grandmother. He then decides to write the book report for the two of them while she’s away. Suddenly, the results of a recent school test show that Charlie Brown got a perfect 100%, much to everyone’s disbelief and Lucy’s denial. This soon causes Charlie Brown’s popularity to skyrocket, with the kids coming to him for advice, wanting his autograph, touring his home hosted by Sally, and even wearing matching outfits for his signature shirt. But Charlie Brown grows bothered by the popularity and focused on reading Leo Tolstoy’s War & Peace for his and the Little Red-Haired Girl’s report throughout the weekend, completing it the night before it is due.

The next morning, Charlie Brown is about to be awarded a pendant for his test score performance, but upon being handed back his test, realizes that his test was mixed up with his classmate, Peppermint Patty. In defeat, Charlie Brown announces to the whole school that there had been a mistake, and walks out of the auditorium in shame. Outside, Linus commends him for his honesty and attempts to cheer him up that things could get better once he turns in his book report, something the Little Red-Haired Girl overhears and asks about. However, an accident with the see-saw causes the report to launch in the air and become destroyed by a toy plane launched by Charlie Brown earlier in the film. With nothing left, Charlie Brown walks off with no motivation.

This depressed state continues until the spring when after helping a little boy with his kite successfully, Charlie Brown grows hopeful again. On the last day of school, the class is assigned a Summer Pen-Pal Project, where the Little Red-Haired Girl volunteers to be Charlie Brown’s pen-pal, much to Charlie Brown’s shock and confusion. Later on, Linus tells him that it may be time for him to consider that he is a good person and that people do like him, but he’ll never know if he doesn’t ask. Motivated, Charlie Brown rushes to the Little Red-Haired Girl’s house, only for her mother to answer and inform him that the Little Red-Haired Girl is at school, getting on a bus for summer camp.

Charlie Brown rushes through the school’s carnival, but obstacle after obstacle keeps blocking him from getting to the school bus. Moping near the Kite-Eating Tree, a kite falls, gets tangled around Charlie Brown, and causes him to fly above the carnival. Once landing on the ground, Charlie Brown finally gets the kite tamed. The neighborhood is shocked Charlie Brown has finally achieved the impossible and follows behind.

Charlie Brown reaches the bus, where the kite gets the Little Red-Haired Girl’s attention by gently tapping on her foot. She happily greets Charlie Brown, who asks why she would choose him to be his pen pal. The Little Red-Haired Girl says that she sees the type of person that he is; helping Sally at the talent show, the honesty he showed at the assembly, being brave at the dance, and his compassion for writing the book report. To her, she does not see a failure in Charlie Brown. After the Little Red-Haired Girl boards the bus and leaves, the children applaud Charlie Brown, and Lucy arrives to say, “I really need to tell you something, you blockhead: You’re still full of surprises. Good Ol’ Charlie Brown!” The kids then lift Charlie Brown and celebrate his long-awaited success.

In a post-credit scene, Lucy tries to convince Charlie Brown to kick the football once more. Charlie Brown is apprehensive, but Lucy tells him that she now understands that he is kind, compassionate, brave, and funny and that no one would pull a football away from someone with all of those qualities. Charlie Brown, convinced, agrees once more, only for Lucy to pull the football away and adds smugly that she forgot to say that he is gullible, causing Charlie Brown to smile.

In a side story, after finding a typewriter in the school dumpster, Snoopy decides to write a novel about the World War I Flying Ace. Here, he is trying to save Fifi from the Red Baron with Woodstock and his friends' help, using the key events and situations surrounding Charlie Brown throughout the film as inspiration to develop his story. He ends up acting out his adventure physically, pulling himself across a line of lights and imagining it as a rope across a broken bridge, and he comes across Charlie Brown and the gang several times along the way. Snoopy defeats the Red Baron and rescues Fifi from a destroyed zeppelin. When Lucy finishes reading, she calls it the dumbest story she has ever read, so Snoopy throws the typewriter at her in retaliation and kisses her nose, causing her to run away in disgust yelling that she has "dog germs".

The first post-scene that appears during the credits is Lucy and Charlie Brown performing the football gag. In the second scene that appears during the credits, Snoopy, Fifi, Woodstock, the Beagle Scouts, and Snoopy's siblings celebrate Snoopy's victory over the Red Baron with root beer, that is until the Red Baron shows up again and knocks Snoopy into the root beer causing him to shout "Curse you, Red Baron!" (via thought bubble). After the credits are over, Linus' model tri-plane, the runaway flying of which is a running gag throughout the film, finally sputters to a stop over the pond and falls straight in.


The CGI Peanuts Gang swept up on a kite

  • Noah SchnappCharlie Brown, the main protagonist. Sick of his constant failures, he strives to become a winner to win the Little Red-Haired Girl's heart.
  • Hadley Belle MillerLucy, the meanest girl in the neighborhood, Charlie Brown's foil, and Linus' older sister. She advises Charlie Brown on how to become a winner, though she's extremely doubtful and ridicules his attempts.
  • Mariel SheetsSally, Charlie Brown's little sister. She pines for Linus, who she calls "Sweet Babboo", much to his embarrassment. She refers to Charlie Brown as "Big Brother".
  • Alexander GarfinLinus, Charlie Brown's best friend, and Lucy's little brother. He encourages Charlie Brown's success and advice that his happiness shouldn't be derived from success.
  • Bill MelendezSnoopy - Charlie Brown's faithful yet mischievous beagle - and Woodstock (archival recordings) - a yellow bird and Snoopy's best friend. When Snoopy is not at Charlie Brown's aid, he sits on top of his doghouse alongside Woodstock, writing his story of battling the Red Baron in the Great War.
  • Francesca Angelucci Capaldi – the Little Red-Haired Girl - the new girl in Charlie Brown's class, Charlie Brown's neighbor/crush - and Frieda - the vain girl of the neighborhood. The Little Red-Haired Girl's affection is Charlie Brown's goal, who wants to impress her by succeeding. Frieda is constantly making sure her "naturally curly hair" stays in check.
  • Venus "Omega" SchultheisPeppermint Patty, the tomboy of the neighborhood and Marcie's best friend. She has a crush on Charlie Brown - who she calls "Chuck" - and signs him up to make cupcakes for the Winter Dance.
  • Rebecca BloomMarcie, the bookworm of the neighborhood and Peppermint Patty's best friend, who she refers to as "Sir". She has a crush on Charlie Brown - who she calls "Charles" - and helps him find Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace.
  • Marleik "Mar Mar" WalkerFranklin, was the most levelheaded and popular in the neighborhood. He hosts many of the school's events and has a love for hockey.
  • Noah JohnstonSchroeder, the musical prodigy of the neighborhood who loves Beethoven and plays his music on his toy piano. Lucy attempts to flirt with Schroder, only to fail miserably.
  • Anastasia BredikhinaPatty, is one of the mean girls of the neighborhood and best friends with Violet. When not scolding Charlie Brown's antics, Patty pines for "Pig-Pen", who reciprocates her feelings.
  • Madisyn ShipmanViolet, is one of the mean girls in the neighborhood and best friends with Patty. When not scolding Charlie Brown's antics, Patty and Violet get along swimmingly, although Violet is confused by her crush on "Pig-Pen".
  • A.J. Tecce"Pig-Pen", the dirtiest kid in the neighborhood. He is shown to have a crush on Patty, who reciprocates his feelings.
  • Micah Revelli – Little Kid, a fellow kid of the neighborhood whose taught by Charlie Brown how to fly a kite.
  • William "Alex" WunschShermy, is the most normal kid in the neighborhood, yet his peers' antics often impact him.
  • Kristin ChenowethFifi, a poodle and Snoopy's courageous, high-flying fictionalized love interest in his story.
  • Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews – Miss Othmar and the Little Red-Haired Girl's Mother. Andrews' trombone provided their "wah-wah" voices, along with the voices of other adult characters in the film.


5, Cormac, Little Pigtailed Girl , and José Peterson are seen but are silent.

Differences between the strip and TV specials

  • Peppermint Patty, Marcie, and Franklin are in the same class as the rest of the gang while in the strip they attend a different school.
  • In the film, at the children's school, there is a cafeteria, while in the comic strip the school does not have one built, so the children eat outside.
  • Characters that became prominent in the strip during later years, such as Rerun, Lucy and Linus' little brother, Eudora, Sally's best friend, and Lydia, Linus' talkative classmate, are absent. (Although one of the comic strip panels during the credits features Rerun)
  • Fifi has never appeared in the comic strip, rather than appearing in the 1980 television special, Life Is a Circus, Charlie Brown (in the special, she is a fully white poodle with a pink collar and bow, while in the movie she is redesigned to look similar to Snoopy, with pink clusters of curls on top of her head and one each on the end of her ears, light pink freckles, purple kerchief, and a purple scarf).
  • The Little Red-Haired Girl makes a physical appearance while she never appears outside of a silhouette in 1998 in the comic strip.
  • Some of the characters' outfits have been updated from the specials:
    • Sally is seen wearing a blue dress and a matching bow in the TV specials while in the movie she wears a pink dress.
    • Marcie's hair was brown and her T-Shirt was orange in the TV specials while in the movie her hair is black and her T-shirt is red (in the comic strip itself, Marcie's hair is in fact black).
    • Franklin wore a dark blue shirt or sweater and pink and white striped pants in the TV specials while in the movie he has an orange shirt and black pants.
    • Violet's outfit is green in the TV specials while her outfit is fittingly violet in the movie.
    • Patty's hair is brown and her bow and dress are orange in the TV specials while in the movie her hair is blonde and her dress is light green.
    • Frieda's hair is red and her dress is purple in the TV specials while her hair is golden blonde and her dress is pink and white in the movie (possibly to avoid confusion with the Little Red-Haired Girl).
    • Shermy's hair is jet black and wears a long-sleeved green shirt in the TV specials while in the movie he has brown hair and a red shirt instead.

Home media

Blu-ray and DVD versions of the film were released on March 8, 2016. The film was also made available for digital streaming.

Special Features include:

  • Six Snoopy Snippets
  • "Better When I'm Dancin'" Meghan Trainor music and lyric videos
  • You Never Grow Up Charlie Brown (three behind the scenes features)
  • Snoopy's Sibling Salute
  • "Learn to Draw Snoopy, Woodstock, and Charlie Brown"
  • "Get Down with Snoopy and Woodstock" music video
  • Behind the Scenes of "Better When I'm Dancin'"
  • Snoopy's Playlist
  • Concepts gallery
  • Five trailers of The Peanuts Movie

Special Features (On Target Blu Ray):

  • The Voices of the Peanuts Movie
  • Nickelodeon "Orange Carpet"
  • Art of Dreaming Big:
    • How to Make a Joe Cool
    • How to Make a Snoopy Puppet
    • How to Make a Red Baron Clothespin Plane


A video game based on the film, The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy's Grand Adventure, was announced on July 8, 2015, and was released on November 3, 2015, just three days before the movie was released.

The book The Art and Making of The Peanuts Movie (ISBN 1783293241) was published by Titan Books on October 27, 2015.

The Art and Making of The Peanuts Movie.jpg


  • This is the first Peanuts production to be CGI.
  • This is the first Peanuts animation to not have either Charlie Brown or Snoopy in the title.
  • After over 60 years of misery and failure, Charlie Brown finally gets a well-deserved victory.
  • Archival recordings of Bill Melendez as Snoopy and Woodstock are used in the film.
  • This is the Little Red-Haired Girl's first speaking role.
  • This is the first theatrical full-length Peanuts film since 1980's Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (And Don't Come Back!!).
  • The movie was originally going to be titled simply Peanuts, as seen in the teaser trailer.
  • This is the longest Peanuts theatrical film to date, surpassing A Boy Named Charlie Brown by two minutes.
  • In the 20th Century Fox logo, Schroeder plays the fanfare.
  • A few seconds later, Scrat, the saber-toothed squirrel from Ice Age appears in the Blue Sky Studios logo sequence for this film.
  • This movie has received the most positive reviews that a Blue Sky film has received so far.
  • Snoopy's siblings make an appearance at the end of the film.
  • A reference to It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is made when the children are looking over the fence.
  • When Lucy van Pelt gets licked by Snoopy after he copies her by making shadows, she screams her famous phrase "Ugh! I've been kissed by a dog! I have dog germs! Get hot water! Get some disinfectant! Get some Iodine!" from A Charlie Brown Christmas.
  • Except for Rerun van Pelt, Lydia , and Eudora, all of the main characters (Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy van Pelt, Sally Brown, Linus van Pelt, Schroeder, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Franklin, "Pig-Pen", Shermy, Woodstock, Violet Gray, Patty, Frieda , and Spike) appear in the movie.
  • The moving van at the beginning of the film is from a firm named "Mendelson and Melendez", after Lee Mendelson and Bill Melendez respectively.
  • Micah Revelli who voices "Little Kid" in the movie is Charles M. Schulz's great-grandson from his granddaughter Stephanie.
  • Charlie Brown says that he can only cook toast, referencing A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.
  • When the movie airs on Fox, it is titled Snoopy: The Peanuts Movie.
  • On August 7th, 2020, the movie came to the streaming service Disney+.


  • At the summer fair, Charlie Brown gets in the way of Violet in one of the games. She remarks in Lucy's voice.
  • When Charlie Brown is learning to dance using the foot markers laid down by Snoopy, he counts; "1, 2, 3, 4" but as he says "4" he puts his left foot down on the marker that says "3". Of course this is what we'd expect from Charlie Brown ...
  • During the dance scene where no one was dancing, Peppermint Patty was among the group of girls, then when Charlie Brown opened the door, she reappears along with Marcie, holding the fruit punch.
  • Charlie's hands get covered in ink while writing his book report. He then wipes his hands on his shirt creating the characteristic zig-zag pattern. However, in all subsequent shots, the pattern disappears and his shirt is again a solid color with no pattern.
  • When Charlie Brown goes to bed after writing his book report, while he is getting into bed we can see some notes beside his window sill. However, when Sally comes in and wakes him a few seconds later, the notes have vanished.
  • When the Little Red-Haired Girl's pencil falls on the floor it rolls in a straight line between the desks towards the back of the room. As it has a wider section on the end, it should roll in a curve.
  • Charlie Brown is forcefully towed by his kite across the frozen lake, even though there is zero wind (as shown by the gently falling snowflakes). However, this is essential in keeping with the style of how the snow was drawn in the original animation and comics and may be a deliberate choice by the filmmakers.
  • Snow falls during the ice skating scene at the beginning of the movie, but there are blue skies and not enough clouds to produce snow.
  • Linus is a year younger than Lucy and Charlie Brown, and would not have been in the same class as them. This is because he skipped a grade, which was not an uncommon practice when the comics were written.
  • The Red Baron's triplane lacks the Iron Cross symbols that the real plane had in both Linus's original model and Snoopy's fantasy sequences. Linus may have forgotten to include the Iron Cross symbols or had not yet painted them on, while the Red Baron's plane in Snoopy's fantasies was based on the model plane because it hit him while he was trying to climb into the classroom through the window.
  • At one point Snoopy determines which way the wind is blowing by dropping a handful of grass. The grass is carried away by the wind, but the snowflakes fall straight down as if there is no wind.
  • Charlie Brown writes 1,000 words for his book report but when we see his book report it's only two pages, which is way too little to hold 1,000 words.

Easter eggs



Possible sequel

Although The Peanuts Movie has been described as a success and Fox was reportedly interested in making a sequel and turning The Peanuts Movie into a franchise, Fox only had the rights to make one Peanuts film. Schulz's widow, Jean, has indicated that a sequel is not imminent, stating, "This one took eight years, so maybe we'll talk again then."[3]

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