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The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy's Grand Adventure is a video game published by Activision and developed by Behaviour Interactive, and is based on The Peanuts Movie as well as the Peanuts comic strips, though the game has no relationship with the movie itself.

Announced on July 8, 2015[1], it was released on November 3, 2015, for the PlayStation 4, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 consoles.[2]


The game follows Snoopy, as he goes around the globe to find Charlie Brown and his friends in a game of hide-and-seek, with the help of Woodstock.

Snoopy must also collect jelly beans, avoid many creatures, and find many beagle scouts along the way, and his uniforms can be useful to climb walls, use other passages, etc.





  • The boss of Peppermint Jungle, the Mask Downs, is a giant mask in the level that bears her name. She fires baseballs at the player, referencing how Peppermint Patty is a baseball star. The Mask Downs can be defeated if Snoopy launches baseballs at her as she passes through the background. After 3 hits, she is defeated, and Peppermint Patty herself appears, enabling the level to be completed.
  • King Totem is the boss of the Temple of the Bunnies (Linus's realm). He resides in the level King Totem's Pinball. King Totem cannot be attacked directly in his first phase; rather, Snoopy must follow him. When they get to the top, Snoopy has to stomp on King Totem 6 times. The first 2 stomps to King Totem knock his crown off, and four more defeat him for good, creating a lake that Snoopy can use to make his way to the platform Linus is standing on, so the player can complete the stage.
    • The balls King Totem throws down during his first phase have a pumpkin motif, based off how Linus reveres the Great Pumpkin.
  • The Big Stompy is the boss of the Lunar Surface. He manifests as a giant robot with a blue shell resembling Lucy's dress. The Big Stompy makes his home in the level Big Stompy's Rapid Run. Instead of attacking the robot directly, Snoopy has to run away from him, similar to Porky Minch's first phase in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where you are sicced against his statue. After running a while, Snoopy and the Big Stompy will come to a dead end where Lucy Van Pelt hides. As she yells in his direction, the Big Stompy topples over, dying and allowing the level to be completed.
  • The Red Baron is the boss of the Skies Above Paris level. He is fought in a shoot-em-up stage. The Red Baron attacks by launching bombs and shooting at Snoopy from the gun on his plane. To defeat him, the player has to make it through the entire level. At the end, Franklin Armstrong will appear, and touching his parachute will complete the level. Going off the bottom blast line does not result in death this time; instead, Snoopy hovers just above the line.
  • The Muck Monster is a giant mound of slime. He is very dirty, just like Pig-Pen is. The Muck Monster is featured in Burrow Of The Muck Monster, which is located in the subterranean Underground level. The Muck Monster only attacks by causing the slime in his arena to rise. The fight is similar to Big Stompy, since Snoopy has to run (or rather, climb) away from the boss. It is also similar to Bowser's second phase in New Super Mario Bros. 3DS. Once Snoopy gets to the platform Pig-Pen is standing on, the Muck Monster is defeated and the stage is cleared.
  • The Marble Pianist is the sixth and final boss. He appears in the stage Keyboard Of The Marble Pianist, which is in the Melody Chasteau ("Melody Castle" in French). When you enter his arena, the Pianist starts attacking by poking his piano where you stand. Snoopy can use this to his advantage; since a hand takes damage when it strikes the piano. The amount of health the hands have is telegraphed by their appearance; as it takes damage, a hand breaks. After it strikes the piano 6 times, a hand is defeated. Once both hands are defeated, the Pianist is defeated, and the platform Schroeder is standing on is lowered so the player can finish the level.


Note that the enemies will be replaced upon their defeat in this game.

  • Peppermint Jungle
    • Spiders that resemble sandals and can jump around.
    • Snakelike creatures that have Peppermint Patty's hair.
    • Fishlike creature that resemble footballs and swim through the water.
  • Temple of the Bunnies
    • Totems that have Linus van Pelt's hair and can jump around erratically. These totems sport his Security Blanket.
    • Thorns
    • Cannonlike creatures that launch baseball-like cannonballs.
    • A golem-like creature that can roll using a roller it has on its arms. These monsters cannot be stomped until their rollers are active.
    • Stone pumpkins that act like boulders. These can come in any size.
  • Lunar Surface
    • Robots that move on rollers. These monsters act like Morty Moles from Super Mario 3D Land and Rexes from most Super Mario titles do. Stomping on their head makes them faster, but another stomp defeats them. There is a female variation that has Lucy van Pelt's hair, drops blue bombs to attack, and can be defeated in one stomp.
    • Stationary energy balls that resemble kill balls from Halo. These deal contact damage.
  • Skies Above Paris
    • Pink blimps
    • German Planes that attack from the background.
  • Underground
    • Miniature Muck Monster duplicates. These can leave slime trails in their wake, slowing your movement.
    • Dust Cloud monsters that jump around.
    • A fishlike shoe creature.
  • Melody Chasteau
    • A bat that resembles Ludwig van Beethoven, Schroeder's favourite composer.
    • A clarinet-like serpentine enemy in the Melody Chasteau. If you get too close to their territory, these creatures will launch damaging sound waves from their "mouth".
    • Walking Beethoven busts.


Peanuts Snoopy's Grand Adventure Video Game

Peanuts Snoopy's Grand Adventure Video Game

The Peanuts Movie - Snoopy's Grand Adventure - All Bosses ( No Damage ) - All Boss Battles - HD -

The Peanuts Movie - Snoopy's Grand Adventure - All Bosses ( No Damage ) - All Boss Battles - HD -



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