The Simpsons
is a Fox animated sitcom created by Matt Groening.

The show revolves around a working-class family consisting of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. It is set in the fictional town of Springfield and parodies American television, culture and society.

References to Peanuts

  • In the intro of "Treehouse of Horror II", a group of trick-or-treaters run by the Simpson's house à la It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.
  • At the end of "Bart Simpson's Dracula" in "Treehouse of Horror IV", the family parodies the ending of A Charlie Brown Christmas with Santa's Little Helper dancing like Snoopy and Milhouse playing Schroeder's piano.
  • In "Grade School Confidential", there is a candle shaped like Charlie Brown which burns to the pants during Mrs. Krabappel's and Skinner's dinner date.
  • In "Miracle on Evergreen Terrace", many of Springfield Retirement Castle's residents are mimicking the dance moves from A Charlie Brown Christmas.
  • During the couch gag in "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes", Santa's Little Helper dances on his hind legs like Snoopy while Linus and Lucy plays.
  • In "Hungry, Hungry Homer", Bart finds Homer on top of Santa's Little Helper's doghouse similar to Snoopy and Bart utters "Good Grief!"
  • During the chalkboard gag in "The Blunder Years", Bart writes on the chalkboard, "I am not Charlie Brown on acid".
  • In the intro of "Treehouse of Horror XIV", Bart and Lisa are dressed as Charlie Brown and Lucy.
  • In the "Four Beheadings and a Funeral" segment of "Treehouse of Horror XV", there is a sign outside the opium den that reads 'Happiness is a warm poppy', a reference to the cartoon collection Happiness is a Warm Puppy.
  • In "The Boys of Bummer", Bart spins in a circle while his clothes fly off after having been hit by the ball like Charlie Brown.
  • In "It's the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse" segment of "Treehouse of Horror XIX", Milhouse waits in a pumpkin patch for the Grand Pumpkin. The Simpsons characters were redesigned to resemble the style of Peanuts, and they also obtained rights to use Vince Guaraldi's music. During the Halloween party, a variety of Simpsons characters parody the dance moves from A Charlie Brown Christmas.
  • In "No Loan Again, Naturally", Lisa says she suspects Peppermint Patty is gay.
  • During the chalkboard gag in "How Munched is that Birdie in the Window?", Bart writes on the chalkboard, "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiven is as good as A Charlie Brown Christmas ".

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