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"The Smithsonian and the Presidency" is the seventh episode of This Is America, Charlie Brown. It first aired on CBS on April 19, 1989.


The gang visits the Smithsonian Institution, where they discuss three former United States presidents.

Abraham Lincoln

Newspaper boys Charlie Brown and Linus meet Abraham Lincoln during a trip to give the Gettysburg Address.

Theodore Roosevelt

The gang talk about Theodore Roosevelt and his conservation movement, which includes Roosevelt going on a trip with John Muir to the Yosemite Valley.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

The gang discuss Franklin Delano Roosevelt's early presidency, which took place during the troubling days of the Great Depression.

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  • Franklin Roosevelt was the only president who did not appear in the animated portions of this episode.
  • Among the items that appear in this episode include the Apollo 10 Commander Module (Snoopy) and Lunar Module (Charlie Brown), the Sunday strip from October 4, 1964, the Wright Brothers plane from "The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk" and the Duryea Brothers' "horseless carriage" from "The Great Inventors."

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