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The Snoopy Show is a Canadian-American flash-animated children's television series first announced on October 2, 2020 to promote the 70th anniversary of Peanuts. It is also a revival of The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show. The show was released on February 5, 2021, on Apple TV+.

A 2nd season was released on March 11, 2022. More new episodes are to be released on August 5, 2022.

Voice cast

Season 1

Season 2

  • Terry McGurrin – Snoopy
  • Rob Tinkler – Woodstock
  • Ethan Pugiotto/Tyler Nathan - Charlie Brown
  • Christian Dal Dasso/Caleb Bellavance - Franklin
  • Holly Gorski – Marcie
  • Hattie Kragten – Sally
  • Isis Moore/Elliot Couillard – Peppermint Patty
  • Wyatt White – Linus
  • Milo Toriel-McGibbon/Kingston Crooks – Rerun
  • Matthew Mucci – Schroeder
  • Jacob Soley – Pig-Pen

It remains unknown who voiced Patty, Violet, Frieda, Shermy, and Heather Wold.


Season 1

  1. "Happiness Is a Dancing Dog" (A Snoopy Tale, When Snoopy Met Woodstock, Happiness Is a Dancing Dog) – Snoopy writes a book about his younger days; reveals the origin of his friendship with Woodstock; and gets the dancing bug.
  2. "Never Bug a Beagle" (Nest Friends, Mission: Lunch Possible, Too Dog Hot) – Snoopy invites Woodstock to move in with him; embarks on a mission to bring Sally's sandwich to school; and tries to cool off on a hot day.
  3. "The Curse of a Fuzzy Face" (Frightfully Snoopy, Dress-Up Snoopy, Tricky Snoopy) – Snoopy goes to a scary movie with Woodstock; advises Charlie Brown on his Halloween costume; and gives tricks to kids instead of treats.
  4. "Happiness Is a Snow Day" (Happiness Is a Snow Day, Sled Alert, Snowman Showman) – Snoopy shows Marcie how to enjoy a snow day; helps Rerun retrieve a runaway sled; and builds a snowman with Woodstock.
  5. "Just Your Basic Beagle" (Happy Bird-Day, Never Bargain with a Beagle, Daisy Crazy) – Snoopy forgets Woodstock's birthday; uses chores as payment at Lucy's yard sale; and replaces a daisy for Charlie Brown.
  6. "Bugable, Hugable, Beagle" (Birdie Love, By-the-Book Beagle, Not So Funny Business) – Woodstock protects a badminton birdie; Snoopy decides to pen a prize-winning novel; and he feels guilty when Rerun is injured while they're playing.
  7. "Better off Beagle" (Abraca-Snoopy, All's Fair, Snoopy, Suppertime Blues) - Snoopy's magic show goes disastrously awry when it seems he's accidentally transformed Woodstock into a tennis ball permanently; When he learns he needs a vet checkup, a terrified Snoopy hides from Charlie Brown at the school fair; Snoopy tries to find out how to get food himself to satisfy his appetite before supper.
  8. "Beagle Days Ahead" (The Dog-Tor Is In, Babysitter Beagle, Keep on Tricyclin') - When Lucy's psychiatrist stand fails to help the gang get over their troubles, Snoopy uses a different kind of therapy to help cheer his friends up; After Woodstock finds a lost Egg in his nest, he and Snoopy care for the egg as adoptive parents; Rerun turns to Snoopy for help when learning how to ride a tricycle.
  9. "Big Time Beagle" (Beagle to the Rescue, Surf's Up, Snoopy!, Helicopter Beagle) - While pretending to be a firefighter, Snoopy is forced to save his terrifying neighbor: The Cat Next Door; While surfing out at the beach, Snoopy and Woodstock wipe out, getting stranded on a sandbar and Snoopy becomes Tarzan on the island before crocodile sees him; After an accident breaks Woodstock's wing, Snoopy offers to be Woodstock's temporary chauffeur: a job that is way harder than it looks.
  10. "Happiness Is a Good Book" (Balloon Beagle, Above Par Beagle, Happiness Is a Good Book) - Snoopy accidentally loses Sally's prize balloon she won at school and must get it back or face her fiery temperament; While playing a game of miniature golf, Snoopy inadvertently causes trouble throughout the neighborhood, especially for Peppermint Patty and Marcie; Snoopy and Woodstock discover the joys of the library, but forgets the main rule: Stay quiet!
  11. "It Takes All Kinds to Make A World" (My Fair Beagle, Snoopy Saves the Earth, Photo Safari Snoopy) - Snoopy has been acting hyper and mischievous recently, so Lucy enrolls him in her Etiquette lessons to calm him down; Sally prepares a play for Earth Day, but the rehearsal goes amiss; Snoopy takes Peppermint Patty on a safari adventure with her new camera.
  12. "Thank Goodness For Beagles" (Happiness Is Being with Family, Follow the Leader, Snoopy, Snoopy's Slumber Party) - Snoopy misses his family, so he decides to throw a dinner party reunion with them; Snoopy and the Beagle Scouts visit Snoopy's brother Spike in the desert; Snoopy's silly brother, Olaf comes over for a sleepover, but gets too overexcited, causing Charlie Brown to get noise complaints.
  13. "Speak Softly, and Carry a Beagle" (Snoopy Stays Over, Good Luck, Chuck, Joe Motocross at Your Service) - Snoopy stays over with Lucy when Charlie Brown is on vacation, but her definition of "fun" is way different than his; Charlie Brown seeks Snoopy's help when trying to compete in a potato sack race; Snoopy lets his imagination run wild when he plays with Sally's new bike.

Season 2

  1. "The Beagle Is In" (Chips Fall Where They May, Which Nest Is Best?, The Mess Express) - Charlie Brown finds an extraordinary potato chip; Woodstock moves into a new nest; and Snoopy gets distracted cleaning his doghouse.
  2. "Root Beer All Around" (Better Feathers, Blanket Blues, Once Upon a Cloud) - Snoopy gives Woodstock a makeover; loses Linus' beloved blanket; and heads to the skies for wild adventures.
  3. "Well, I'll Be a Brown-Eyed Beagle" (Bunny Wunny Buddy, Hearts For My Sweet Babboo, Three Cheers for Snoopy) - Snoopy takes a liking to a new stuffed bunny; plays cupid on Sally's behalf; and learns to keep his cool when he loses.
  4. "Dogs Don't Say Goodbye" (Happy Birthday Rerun, Woodstock Flies South, Pogo Champ Lucy) - Lucy throws Rerun a birthday party; Snoopy stops at nothing to keep Woodstock from leaving; and Snoopy turns out to be a pogo stick pro.
  5. "Beagle Appreciation Day" (You Busted My Bust, Hide and Go Snoopy, King Snoopy) - Schroeder wants to honor Beethoven properly; Woodstock stumbles upon a toy paradise; and Snoopy lets a day for beagles go to his head.
  6. "Happiness Is a Rainy Day" (Snoopy Makes a Speech, How to Be a Beagle Scout, Happiness Is a Rainy Day) - Snoopy is asked to speak before the Head Beagle; tries to escape the modern world with his Beagle Scouts; and discovers rainy days can be fun.


  • Some rules needed to be followed during production:
    • No technology past the 1970s.
    • No adults can be shown or heard.
    • Under no circumstances can the inside of Snoopy's doghouse be shown
  • The show uses original stories instead of strips strung together, like other Peanuts media (besides The Peanuts Movie and Snoopy in Space) after Schulz's death.
  • It serves as a revival of The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show.
  • In When Snoopy Met Woodstock, we get to see how Snoopy and Woodstock first meet. We also get to see how Charlie Brown gets Snoopy in A Snoopy Tale (which is similar to what we see in Snoopy's Reunion, but this time not showing him getting at first adopted by Lila and then her later returning him).
  • Snoopy is stated to have five siblings in the series, instead of seven as mentioned in the comic strip. Coincidentally, the siblings featured in the series are the five out of seven who appear in the comic strip.
  • In Surf's Up, Snoopy!, Snoopy becomes Tarzan on the island. Snoopy does a Tarzan yell and pounding his chest and having a big fight with crocodile.
  • The show was nominated for Best Animation Series, Best Direction Animation Series and Best Sound Animation Series at the 2021 Leo Awards and won the Best Animation Series.