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The first appearance of the Unnamed Ponytailed Girl in the strip from July 28, 1989.

The Unnamed Ponytailed Girl is a very minor female character in the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. No name has ever been given to the character and not much is known about her. She appears in a storyline that was first published in July 1989.


The girl is first referred to in the strip from July 20, 1989, when Sally tells Charlie Brown he just received a call from a friend who wants to meet him at the mall. Charlie Brown, anxious to figure out who the girl is, goes to the mall, taking Snoopy along. However, when the person shows up, she thinks Snoopy is Charlie Brown, and takes him out for a marshmallow sundae. She tells Snoopy, thinking he is Charlie Brown, about their experiences together, and from what she says, it appears that they were in camp together, although that was never shown in the strip before. She tells Snoopy that life has been very confusing lately, and Snoopy thinks to himself, because he cannot talk, that she is more confused than she realizes.

In the end, when she says goodbye to Snoopy, Charlie Brown tries to explain to her that she made a mistake, but the girl claims to have no idea who Charlie Brown (the real one, not Snoopy) is.