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  • I live in New Jersey
  • I was born on February 27
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am male

About me

I am Statue-of-liberty (Not the real one. This is just my nickname although I have no idea why). Due to safety reasons (And my mother) my real name must be kept a secret. I am in my first year of college, and majoring in psychology.

I have always liked Peanuts, but I started reading them very seriously a few years ago when I found out every peanuts comic appears on the website (although now on Whithin 8 months I have read every single peanuts comics. When I found this wiki, I realized it was a good place for me to contribute my Peanuts knowledge, and I joined this wiki with my nickname as my username.

Besides peanuts, I also like Harry Potter (Books not movies), How I Met Your MotherScrubsThe Office, and my favorite TV show is Lost. I have also recently

Peanuts comic strip from the day I was born, February 27, 1996

become obsessed with movies. I love Disney movies, and other favorites of mine include, Die HardThe MatrixJurassic ParkStar War, The Indiana Jones series (except for the newest one), and Back to the Future .

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