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Snoopy and two of his bird friends.

Aside from Woodstock, many other bird friends have appeared in the Peanuts comic strip. They have mostly been seen in Snoopy's Beagle Scouts, although they are seen in Snoopy's other fantasies too. It is impossible to tell the difference between them, since they all look identical (with the exception of Raymond, who is shaded much darker). Despite this, Snoopy seems to be able to tell them apart. Like Woodstock, when they speak, it is shown as exclamation points, although Snoopy seems to be able to understand them.

A running gag featuring Snoopy and the birds, is that Snoopy says something he thinks is funny but the birds do not get it, causing Snoopy to think, "Birds have no sense of humor". For instance, in one strip they go bird watching, Snoopy tells the birds that they should all watch each other but they do not appear to understand his joke.


Due to the birds not being able to talk, it is hard to gain an impression of their personalities. However, they appear to share some personality traits. For instance, they can never understand Snoopy's jokes, always becoming very confused whenever he tells one. It is also known that although they often go on nature hikes, they do not care much for nature. On their hikes they are normally more interested in hot dogs than anything else. The birds never know what to do on their hikes, so they normally just copy Snoopy. They see that Snoopy sleeps on top of his tent, the same way he sleeps on top of his doghouse, and they copy him and sleep on top of their tents.

With the exception of the strip from March 9, 1966, the birds' thoughts are not displayed in the form of thought balloons, therefore it is hard to differentiate the individual birds' personalities. However, there are some exceptions. Harriet, despite Snoopy denying this to be true since she is a girl, is much tougher than any of the other birds, and tires less easily than anyone else. She also likes making frosted angel cakes, which is the only reason Snoopy let her join the Beagle Scouts. Similarly, Olivier is generally depicted as the oddest or most clueless of the scouts.

In The Peanuts Movie

The four main bird friends, Bill, Conrad, Olivier and Harriet, appear alongside Woodstock as Snoopy's pit crew during the World War I Flying Ace sequences. In the climax to the storyline, the birds use their tools to tear apart the Red Baron's Triplane, forcing it to crash. The birds end up crashing their plane when Olivier dismantles the plane's steering wheel.

List of named birds

In a storyline from June 1983, Bill and Harriet get married.