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Snoopy as the World Famous Attorney

One of Snoopy's more common alter egos in his fantasy life, is the World Famous Attorney. Snoopy puts on a bow tie, and a hat, and pretends to go to court to defend people. He says, no judge could argue with his famous bark. He has been seen pretending to defend Peter Rabbit, Little Red Riding Hood, Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and a scarecrow.

Snoopy's life in the court is very realistic. He says he has bad days occasionally and, even though this usually all happens in his imagination, Snoopy loses every case he is given. It is so realistic, he even has to wait a few minutes if there is a recess.

Although Snoopy's legal cases are mostly imaginary, if a Peanuts character needs an attorney, Snoopy will be that character's attorney in real life. For instance, the beagle first takes on his attorney alter ego in the strip from January 12, 1972, part of a storyline in which Peppermint Patty tries to eliminate the school's dresscode policy. In another storyline from February 1991, when Linus van Pelt is annoyed at Sally Brown because she hit him with her lunchbox, he tries to sue her and employs Snoopy as his attorney. (Sally cheats by threatening to throw Snoopy's supper dish over the fence.) In another storyline from October 1984, January 1985 and February 1985 when Charlie Brown refuses to help Sally with her homework she threatens to sue him and employs Snoopy as her attorney (she no longer needs Snoopy when she finds out that Charlie Brown is doing her homework). In a series of strips from June and August 1992, after Sally's failed flight to Hollywood, she becomes angered when she receives a bill for $100.00 from Ace Airlines. When Charlie Brown suggests that she sue the airline, Snoopy appears, as his World Famous Attorney alter ego. (Upon reaching the courthouse steps, the World Famous Attorney is too scared to enter, realizing that he is in over his head and Sally refuses to pay for the flight knowing that the pilot would be laid off). Anytime Snoopy is employed as an attorney in real life, the side he is representing loses the case.

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