World Famous Hired Hand

Lucy and The World Famous Hired Hand

The World Famous Hired Hand is one of Snoopy's alter-egos introduced to the Peanuts comic strips on February 27, 1982.

This alter-ego only appears in a single storyline, from February and March 1982, in which Lucy needs her yard spaded so that she can grow vegetables in her own garden.

After her brother Linus is unable to spade the garden, Lucy recruits Snoopy, who dons a farmer's hat and refers to himself as The World Famous Hired Hand.  When handed a spade, he mistakenly tries to dig into the soil with the wrong end. 

Snoopy is no more successful with the spade than Linus had been.  He eventually succumbs to exhaustion, causing Lucy to toss him aside with the spade, landing next to Linus.

After the garden is finally spaded, Snoopy and Linus are shown planting french fries, then taking Saturday off to drink root beer with other hired hands.  The storyline ends with Snoopy being provided with packs of seeds by Lucy.  However, Snoopy feeds the seeds to Woodstock and his bird friends, rather than planting them.

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