The World Famous Hockey Player.

The World Famous Hockey Player is one of Snoopy's alter-egos which appears several times in Peanuts comic strips between 1967 and the end of the strip's run in 2000.

In the first appearance of this alter ego, on October 8, 1967, Snoopy is shown on top of his doghouse, playing an imaginary game of hockey by himself. He is not even holding a hockey stick. He imagines himself scoring a goal and claims that hockey legend Bobby Hull envies his slapshot.

Woodstock and Snoopy play ice hockey.

Snoopy eventually moved from imaginary games on his doghouse to real games. In later strips, during winter months, Snoopy can be seen playing hockey against Woodstock. The games are played on a frozen birdbath and Woodstock is also the zamboni driver. The games are often rough and usually end with Woodstock winning. At times, even Charlie Brown and some of the other child characters are shown participating in games on the birdbath.

After this alter-ego was introduced, two variations were also introduced, making only one appearance each.  In the comic strip first published on on February 10, 1969, Snoopy is shown playing hockey as a goalie, referring to himself as the World Famous Hockey Goalie. In the comic strip first published on October 23, 1994, Charlie Brown refers to Snoopy as The World Famous Hockey Coach. The beagle is shown coaching a team made up of Woodstock and several of his bird friends.

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