World Famous Orthopedic Surgeon

Rerun van Pelt, Charlie Brown and the World Famous Orthopedic Surgeon

The World Famous Orthopedic Surgeon is one of Snoopy's alter-egos, introduced to the Peanuts comic strip on August 26, 1999.  This alter ego is a variation on the World Famous Surgeon alter ego, first introduced in 1982.

In the August 26 strip, Rerun van Pelt appears at Charlie Brown's house, after falling on the sidewalk and bumping his knee. Charlie Brown and Snoopy, dressed in surgical cap and gown, are standing outside.  Charlie Brown mentions that Snoopy is a World Famous Orthopedic Surgeon and invites Rerun into the emergency room.  However, Snoopy does not know where the emergency room is.

The next day, Rerun is diagnosed with a bruised knee and told that he will not need surgery, while Snoopy invites him to return in the winter when he slips on ice.

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