World Famous Surveyor

The World Famous Surveyor

The World Famous Surveyor is one of Snoopy's fantasy alter egos.

Wearing a baseball cap and glasses, and smoking a pipe, this alter ego is introduced in June 1979 when two seemingly separate storylines, one in which Lucy plants a garden and one in which Woodstock becomes a farmer with Snoopy's encouragement, intersect.

While not identifying himself as the World Famous Surveyor until two days later, the alter ego first appeared on June 18, 1979 when Snoopy visits the van Pelt home claiming to be a county surveyor.  He appears at their home to resolve a property line dispute between Woodstock's farm and Lucy's garden.

Snoopy ultimately decides the dispute against both Lucy and Woodstock, finding that the properties belong to John Doe and Richard Roe. Lucy's angry reaction causes Snoopy to hide in the field, disguised as a scarecrow.