The World Famous Tennis Player

The World Famous Tennis Player is one of Snoopy's alter-egos introduced to Peanuts comic strips on June 11, 1970.

Wearing a tennis visor and holding a racket, Snoopy is usually shown approaching opponents confidently, until play begins.

In his first appearance, he states that he hates it when his opponents serve hard, after an opponent's serve flips him upside down.  In the June 10, 1976 strip, he tells Charlie Brown that he hates playing against such top players as Arthur Ashe and Jimmy Connors because they "keep hitting the ball back."

This alter-ego makes numerous appearances in subsequent years, often seen playing against Woodstock.  He also plays against other characters, such as in June 1978, when he joins Molly Volley in a pairs match against "Crybaby" Boobie.