"You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" is an episode of the American TV series Hallmark Hall of Fame. It was first shown on NBC on February 3, 1973. It is a faithful adaptation of the original 1967 musical, with minimalist sets, all of the songs, and only one scene edited from the script. The cast includes Wendell Burton as Charlie Brown (reprising this role after playing it in the San Francisco cast of the musical), and Bill Hinnant, also reprising his role as Snoopy from the original 1967 cast. A cast album was also released around the time the program aired.

The musical was adapted for television a second time in the form of the 1985 animated TV special.




This program was never released on VHS or DVD, although a clip of Bill Hinnant performing "Suppertime" in this program can be seen in the documentary You Don't Look 40, Charlie Brown, which has a VHS release. A cast album was released in 1973.


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